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Recycling Wear Parts

Clouding Grinder wear parts, mulcher parts and stump grinder parts. For Wood chipper, tub &horizontal grinder, Waste shredders, forestry mulcher, stone crusher, flail mowers, bull hog, forestry mower, stump grinder and other equipment provide tub grinder wear parts, horizontal grinder parts, tub grinder teeth, flail mower hammers, mulcher teeth and stump grinder teeth

Rotary Drilling Tools

rotary drilling tools or foundation drilling tools for Drilling Bucket, Rock Auger, Core Barrel, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Casing Twister, Casing Shoes, Pipe Shoes, Core Ring, Belling Tools, drill rigs, piling rigs, trencher cutter and wall cutter provide auger attachment, auger rock bits, Auger teeth replacement

Road Milling Tools

Road milling tools for (Volvo, Wirtgen, cat, BOMAG, ROADTEC, BITELLI, XCMG, SANYI ) milling machine, asphalt recycling machine, concrete milling machine, road milling machine, and road planer provide cold planer teeth、road milling teeth、road milling bits, asphalt milling teeth and road milling holder.

Trencher Wear Parts

Trencher wear parts for (Vermeer, ditch witch, case, BARRETO, case Davis, ASTEC, Lowe, BRADCO, bobcat, groundhog, Davis, Toro, ground) trencher provide trencher teeth, trencher chain, trencher parts.

Mining Cutting Tools

mining cutting tools including cutting picks, mining bits, mining tooth holder, rock drill bits, HDD drill bits, drill bits for mining, rock drilling tools, rock mining tools , mining drill tools , underground mining tools etc. fitting to Continuous miners, Longwall Shearer.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We use raw material of high-grade cleanliness in order to ensure the best sintering ability.Carbon tungsten and cobalt are mainly bought from European.This expensive but high-quality raw
News & Events

News & Events

We use raw material of high-grade cleanliness in order to ensure the best sintering ability.Carbon tungsten and cobalt are mainly bought from European.This expensive but high-quality raw
Quality Control

Quality Control

We use raw material of high-grade cleanliness in order to ensure the best sintering ability.Carbon tungsten and cobalt are mainly bought from European.This expensive but high-quality raw


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JYFMACHINERY was founded in 2013 and has been striving for consistent research and innovation to improve wear resistance and practice of engineering machinery wear parts. We only specialize in design and manufacturing engineering machinery wear parts and do not dilute our efforts or focus by selling unrelated products. We sincerely hope to create more value and solve more problems for our customers by our constant effort to improve durability.


Specialize In Manufacturing

Tub and horizontal grinder parts, forestry mulcher teeth and holder, stump grinder parts, road milling teeth and holder, Rotary Drilling Tools, replacement Auger teeth, trencher parts, Mining Cutting Tools, Tbm Disc Cutter.


Our Philosophy About Machine Quality and Innovation

To produce high quality engineering machinery wear parts same as building a mansion, good quality raw materials or base is the key factor. JYFMACHINERY has strict quality control of selecting purity, hardness and durability of steel and grain, strength, weight of welding flux and density of WC powder, which lays a foundation of high quality engineering machinery wear parts.

From raw materials blanking to packaging, each step in the process is performed and standardized. Each standard operating procedure is done on the production line. Quality is considered at the stage of design and make sure each product is processed and assembled as per standard to avoid mistake, reduce quantity of unqualified products, Check what causes unqualified parts and products and solve the problems. Standardized processing and assembly, constant improvement make sure consistent product quality.

In additional to strict quality control, we have been developing our products by technical innovation, make our products flourishing and keep our products in the lead. 10% of turnover will be used as technical innovation, which is at high rate in our industry. We are focusing on wear resistance and practical of engineering machinery wear parts and narrow gap with European and American products. Taking mulcher teeth as example, Life of our mulcher teeth has been extended by our technical innovation. JYF different mulcher teeth can handle very well from scarification to gravel layer depending on soil condition.


Grinder Wear Parts

Wood chipper, tub &horizontal grinder, Waste shredders Working as timber waste and other relative waste recycling machines has been pushing recycling industry to move fast since 1990. JYFMACHINERY, Manufacturer of Wood chipper, tub &horizontal grinder, Waste shredders Wear parts advances with time developed grinder wear parts, Fixed & Swing hammers widely used for different waste at different grinding and crushing speed, for different sizes as per customers’ requirement by changing steel body material and hardness, surfacing layer strength and hardness and tungsten carbide particle sizes for best purpose.

JYFMACHINERY Manufacturing, supplying and selling grinder wear parts (tub and horizontal grinder parts) including grinder tips, Inserts, Teeth, Fixed & Swing Hammers, Bolts and Nuts fitting to (BANDIT BEAST, CBI, DIAMOND Z GRINDER, DURATECH, HOGZILLA, MORBARK, MORBARK, NORKOT, OLATHE, PRECISION HUSKY, PACKER, PETERSON, RAYCO, REXWORKS, SCREEN USA, TORO, VERMEER, WHO, ZEHR, FECON) And other brand Wood chipper, Waste shredders, Tub grinder and horizontal grinder.


Mulcher Parts

Forestry mulching is a land clearing method that uses a single machine to cut, grind, and clear vegetation. Forestry mulching machine, also referred to as a forestry mulcher, masticator, or brush cutter, uses a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper tools (“mulcher teeth”) to shred vegetation. They are manufactured as application-specific tractors and as mulching attachments (“mulching heads”) for existing tracked and rubber-tired forestry tractors, skid steers, or excavators.

JYFMACHINERY Also can manufacture FECON, FAE, QUADCO, KING KONG, SEPPI M, BRADCO, PTO, BOBCAT And other style mulcher teeth and holder, tools, mulcher attachment , mulcher parts. JYFMACHINERY Manufacturing, supplying and selling mulcher teeth and holder, mulcher attachment, mulcher parts widely used on FAE, FECON, BOBCAT, ECO, SEPPI M, PTO, PTO STONE CRUSHER, MCCONNEL, BRADCO, CAT, RAYCO And other stone crusher, bull hog, forestry mulcher, agricultural mulchers, land clearing, mulcher excavator, forestry mowers, brush clearing, flail mowers and other relative equipment.


Stump Grinder Parts

Stump grinder is used to dig roots on the ground or underground featured with strong power, advanced technology and easy operation and no effect of pipes and cables underground. It is ideal equipment for clean dead trees.

JYFMACHINERY Has designed different shapes of stump grinder teeth from practice, which increase grinding speed and efficiency.

JYFMACHINERY Manufacturing, supply and selling stump grinder teeth and Widely used on VERMEER, RAYCO, YELLOW JACKET, CARLTON, PRAXIS, GREENTEETH, TORO, DOSKO, BLUEBIRD, DR, MULTI TIP GREENTEETH and other brand stump grinder.


Rotary Drilling Tools

Rotary drilling rig is a construction machinery suitable for the drilling operation during infrastructure construction. It is mainly used for construction on the surface of sand, clay, silty soil and etc. It is widely used for various constructions of filing pile, continuous wall, foundation reinforcement and other various foundation construction. With different drilling tools, it can be used for the dry (short screw), wet (rotary bucket) and the rock formation (core drill) drilling operations. It can also be equipped with long spiral drill, underground continuous wall clamshell grab, and vibratory pile hammer to achieve various functions. It is mainly used for foundation construction such as municipal construction, highway and bridges, industrial and civil construction, underground continuous wall, water conservancy, anti-seepage slope protection and etc. JYF Machinery has developed drilling tools suitable for different construction conditions from soft soil to hard rock based on different types of geological conditions, strengths, and drill types after adjusting the alloy structure and brazing heat techniques through many years of manufacture and field application. This effectively enhances the drilling ability and construction efficiency, reducing the drilling teeth wastage and improving the economic benefits

Rotary drilling rig, equipped with short spiral, rotary bucket, core drill and other different drilling tools, and also equipment long spiral drill, underground continuous wall grab, vibration pile hammer for multi-function use, is used to drill hole for building foundation of sandy soil, clayey soil, silty soil widely used for cast-in-place pile, continuous wall, foundation reinforcement and foundation construction etc., municipal construction, road, bridge, industrial and civil building, underground continuous wall, water conservancy, seepage slope etc.

JYFMACHINERY has developed rotary drilling tools used for different geological composition from soft soil to rock, which increase drilling ability and efficiency and reduce teeth wear, by changing alloy structure and brazing and heating treatment art, based on our many years’ experience and practice.

JYFMACHINERY Manufacturing, supplying and selling PENGO, MCMILLEN, DIGGING, BOBCAT, JIFFY, FETERL, LOWE, SKID STEER, DANUSER, BELLTEC And other style auger attachments, auger parts, auger rock bits, auger teeth, post hole digger teeth and post hole digger parts Fitting to Drilling Bucket, Rock Auger, Core Barrel, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Casing Twister, Casing Shoes, Pipe Shoes, Core Ring and Belling Tools etc. Used on mcmillen, skid steer, home depot, groundhog, premier, danuser, cat, bobcat, pengo, lowes, bauer, klemm, SOILMEC, XCMG, SANYI, LIEBHERR, MAIT, TMT drilling auger, rock auger, drilling equipment, drill rigs, piling rigs, trencher cutter, wall cutter, rotary drilling rig, drill rigs, Cutter Soil Mixing, piling rig machine.


Road Milling Tools

The milling machine and the cold recycler are the main equipment for the maintenance of construction machinery on the concrete surface. They are mainly used for the renovation of the asphalt concrete surface of highway, town road, airport, freight yard, and so on. It can be used to remove the road swells, oil waves, textures, rutting and other defects, and it can also be used to excavate the pits and grooves and milling the cement pavement.

JYF Machinery has specialized in the production of high-quality milling machine for many years and taken the product quality as the main goal. We also continuously improve the product performance. Our technical staff conducts the product performance analysis directly on the construction site to improve the material quality and processing techniques, which steadily enhances the product lifetime and receives good reviews from our customers.

JYFMACHINERY Manufactures, supplies and sells Road Milling Tools including cold planer teeth, road milling teeth, road milling bits Asphalt milling teeth and Road milling holder and Wirtgen parts, ROADTEC parts,Fitting to asphalt milling machine、asphalt recycling machine and concrete milling machine,(Volvo milling machine, Wirtgen milling machine, Wirtgen road planer, cat milling machine, cat cold planer, BITELLI milling machine, ROADTEC milling machine, BOMAG milling machine and other road milling machine)


Trencher Parts

Ditching machine (trencher) is a new kind of ditching device that is highly efficient and functional. It consists mainly of power system, deceleration system, transmission system, and soil separation system. The diesel engine enables the forward and backward linear motions of the diching machine by transferring the rotary movement to the clutch through the belt, which then drives the transmission gearbox, drive shaft, rear axle, and etc. Ditching machines (trenchers) can be divided into chain ditching machine and disc ditching machine. JYF Machinery provides all kinds of chain and disc ditching machines, the supporting the trenching teeth, chains and other wear-resistant parts, including the alloy steel teeth with high strength, the cemented carbide particle pile surfacing teeth with high wear-resistance, as well as the carbide teeth used for hard and complex ground with the corresponding trenching parts.

JYFMACHINERY Manufactures, supplies and sells trencher wear parts including VERMEER, DITCH WITCH, CASE, BARRETO, CASE DAVIS, ASTEC, LOWE, BRADCO, BOBCAT, GROUNDHOG, DAVIS, , TORO and other style trencher replacement teeth, trencher chain, trencher parts Used on Vermeer, ditch witch, case, barreto, case davis, astec, lowe, bradco, bobcat, groundhog, davis, , toro trencher

Mining Cutting Tools

mining cutting tools including cutting picks, mining bits, mining tooth holder,  rock drill bits, HDD drill bits, drill bits for mining, rock drilling tools, rock mining tools , mining drill tools , underground mining tools etc. fitting to Continuous miners, Longwall Shearer.

Over the years, through reasonable optimization of coal bed characteristics, cutting head structure and excavation parameters, JYF Machinery has developed a variety of mining cutting tools that are suitable for various input powers, coal cutting drums, and geological conditions. The extraordinary, stable cutting efficiency and higher durability of JYF’s variety of mining cutting tools has reduced the machine downtime and replacement times, which helps our customers save time and money.


TBM Disc Cutter

TBM Disc Cutter squeezes the shear rock through the rotary knife and picks up the scum with the shovel teeth on its rotary knife plate. The scum falling onto the belt conveyor will be conveyed backward and transported out of the tunnel by the traction slag car or the continuous belt machine in the tunnel.

TBM disc cutter and tunnel cutter using on tunnel boring machine cutter head fitting to herrenknecht, Mitsubishi, robbins and etc. tunnel boring machine and shield machines. .


About Quality and Quality Control


Our goal is to reduce our customer’s operating costs and downtime while also significantly improving performance, productivity, and profits. In order to achieve these goals and ensure complete customer satisfaction, we take the following steps:


First, we utilize strict control standards for our raw material procurement, assuring that every batch is rigorously inspected and fully complies with our requirements. This ensures the consistency and stability of product quality, and it also helps control costs. Lower costs lead to a long-term competitive advantage for your production.


Second, we apply automated control of production whenever possible. This includes an automatic brazing line and an automatic welding line. Automation improves the consistency of product quality and allows you to use the product without any hesitation.


Third, our team is the most experienced and the most professional in the industry. We can help you make the right purchase and solve all kinds of problems in the process. We are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service, and we strive to make the cooperation between us efficient, pleasant, and memorable.


Fourth, we have established an exemplary research and development department that focuses on improvements and new innovations in material performance and manufacturing techniques. Further, we regularly cooperate with international research and development institutions. This investment in research not only ensures that our products and services are the best in the industry, but it also helps you to reduce costs and increase profits.