3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bradco Mulcher Teeth Lifespan

Bradco Mulcher Teeth

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bradco Mulcher Teeth Lifespan

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Bradco Mulcher Teeth Lifespan

Owning Bradco mulching machine is one thing, but having a working one is another matter altogether. When you buy a brand new Bradco forestry mulcher, it will serve you for some time without a problem. But as the parts and tools start to age, the efficiency of the machine will begin to deteriorate. One of the most affected components of mulching equipment is the teeth. Being the primary cutting tools, they are prone to high rates of wear and tear. However, there are ways you can improve the Lifespan of your Bradco mulcher teeth. Here are tips on how you can do this:

Use it properly

For every Bradco machine that you buy, there are specific types of loads that it can work on. Such parameters also take into account the kind of load that a cutting tool can work on. But some people end up using the machine for demanding tasks. The result will be one thing- the accelerated rate of wear and tear. So you will find that your mulcher teeth are wearing off at a very high rate. Thus, using your Bradco forestry mulcher as guided by the manufacturer is important. If the machine can only mulch light vegetation, don’t try mulching tree limbs.

Avoid Regular Sharpening

Do you know that regular teeth-sharpening is not good for your machine? Well, it may appear ridiculous, but it eats your teeth away. Although it is a right way of improving your mulcher teeth performance, it shouldn’t be done on a regular basis. If your Bradco forestry mulcher is using tungsten carbide or any other type of teeth, avoid sharpening regularly. In fact, mulcher teeth are designed in a manner that they can last longer without sharpening if appropriately used. Just use the machine for the right job. So, whenever you lay a grinder on the teeth, know that you are reducing its lifespans.

Choose the Right Bradco Mulcher Teeth

In case you are making a replacement, you must choose the right teeth. One of the mistakes most people make is compromising quality with prices. They are attracted to the lowly priced teeth which are apparently of inferior quality. Therefore, for your Bradco mulcher replacement, teeth selected the best quality. Carbide teeth and more so tungsten carbide teeth are the best choice. So whether it is Bradco magnum mulcher or any model, use the right teeth.

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