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Ruian JYF Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of mulcher teeth and holder, grinder wear parts, stump grinder teeth, foundation drilling tools, trencher parts, road milling tools, mining cutting tools.

grinder wear parts(tub grinder parts and horizontal grinder parts) including grinder tips, Inserts, Teeth, Hammers, Fixed & Swing, Bolts and Nuts fitting to tube grinder and horizontal grinder(Bandit Beast, bandit shredder, CBI grinder, Diamond Z grinder, Duratech tub grinder, Hogzilla grinder, Morbark grinder, morbark chipper, Norkot grinder, Olathe grinder, Precision Husky grinder, Packer grinder, peterson grinders, Rayco grinder, Rexworks grinder, Screen USA grinder, Toro tub grinder, Vermeer grinder, WHO grinder, Zehr grinder, fecon grinder).


mulcher teeth and holder including fecon mulcher teeth,fae mulcher teeth,quadco teeth,king kong teeth and other brand Mulcher teeth and fae mulcher parts、king kong tools、bobcat mulcher attachment and OEM mulcher parts.Widely used on fae mulcher, fecon mulcher, bobcat mulcher, eco mulcher, seppi mulcher, pto mulcher, pto stone crusher, mcconnel flail, bradco mulcher, cat mulcher, fecon bull hog, fecon mower for forestry mulcher, agricultural mulchers, land clearing, mulcher excavator, forestry mowers, brush clearing, flail mowers.


stump grinder teeth including vermeer stump grinder teeth, rayco stump grinder teeth, yellow jacket stump grinder teeth, carlton stump grinder teeth, praxis stump grinder teeth, greenteeth stump grinder teeth, toro stump grinder teeth, multi tip stump grinder teeth and other brand stump grinder teeth and vermeer stump grinder parts, rayco stump grinder parts, stump grinder parts, carlton stump grinder parts, dosko stump grinder parts, bluebird stump grinder parts, dr stump grinder parts and OEM Stump grinder parts.


Foundation drilling tools including auger attachment, auger parts, auger rock bits, auger teeth and pengo attachments, pengo auger teeth, pengo auger parts, post hole digger teeth, post hole digger parts, mcmillen auger parts, mcmillen auger teeth, bobcat auger parts, Lowe auger bits, pengo auger bits, jiffy auger parts, feterl auger parts, bobcat auger bits, skid steer auger bits, danuser auger bits and OEM parts Fitting to Drilling Bucket, Rock Auger, Core Barrel, Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Casing Twister, Casing Shoes, Pipe Shoes, Core Ring and Belling Tools etc.Used on mcmillen auger, belltec auger, skid steer auger, home depot auger, groundhog auger, premier auger, danuser auger, cat auger, bobcat auger, pengo auger, rock auger, skid steer auger attachment,lowes auger, bauer drilling equipment, klemm drill rigs, bauer piling rigs, bauer trencher cutter, bauer wall cutter, rotary drilling rig, soilmec drill rigs, XCMG Cutter Soil Mixing, sanyi rotary drilling rig and piling rig machine, LIEBHERR drill rigs, MAIT drill rigs, TMT piling rigs


Road Milling Tools including cold planer teeth, road milling teeth, road milling bits Asphalt milling teeth and Road milling holder and wirtgen parts, roadtec parts,Fitting to asphalt milling machine、asphalt recycling machine and concrete milling machine,(volvo milling machine, wirtgen milling machine, wirtgen road planer, cat milling machine, cat cold planer, BITELLI milling machine, ROADTEC milling machine, BOMAG milling machine and other road milling machine)


trencher wear parts including trencher teeth, trencher chain, trencher parts and vermeer trencher teeth, ditch witch trencher teeth, vermeer trencher parts, ditch witch trencher parts、case trencher parts, ditch witch replacement parts, barreto trencher parts, case davis trencher parts, astec trencher parts, lowe trencher parts, bradco trencher parts, bobcat trencher parts, groundhog trencher parts, davis trencher parts, ditch witch parts, toro trencher parts and other OEM trencher parts fitting to ditch witch trencher, vermeer trencher, barreto trencher, bobcat trencher, home depot trencher, bradco trencher, case davis trencher, ground trencher.

mining cutting tools including cutting picks, mining bits, mining tooth holder,  rock drill bits, HDD drill bits, drill bits for mining, rock drilling tools, rock mining tools , mining drill tools , underground mining tools etc. fitting to Continuous miners, Longwall Shearer.


Our goal is to reduce our customer’s operating costs and downtime while also significantly improving performance, productivity, and profits. In order to achieve these goals and ensure complete customer satisfaction, we take the following steps:


First, we utilize strict control standards for our raw material procurement, assuring that every batch is rigorously inspected and fully complies with our requirements. This ensures the consistency and stability of product quality, and it also helps control costs. Lower costs lead to a long-term competitive advantage for your production.


Second, we apply automated control of production whenever possible. This includes an automatic brazing line and an automatic welding line. Automation improves the consistency of product quality and allows you to use the product without any hesitation.


Third, our team is the most experienced and the most professional in the industry. We can help you make the right purchase and solve all kinds of problems in the process. We are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service, and we strive to make the cooperation between us efficient, pleasant, and memorable.


Fourth, we have established an exemplary research and development department that focuses on improvements and new innovations in material performance and manufacturing techniques. Further, we regularly cooperate with international research and development institutions. This investment in research not only ensures that our products and services are the best in the industry, but it also helps you to reduce costs and increase profits.


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