Advantages of Investing in Pengo Auger Teeth

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Advantages of Investing in Pengo Auger Teeth


Advantages of Investing in Pengo Auger Teeth

Advantages of Investing in Pengo Auger Teeth

Pengo is a market leader when it comes to manufacturing and supplying auger teeth. The company has been around the market and has made a name as one of the biggest and reputable aftermarket wear parts producers in the market. Investing in Pengo auger teeth for your drilling machine is one of the best decisions that you can make as a drilling contractor. There are numerous benefits that come with these tools compared to what the market is offering as the alternative.

Investing in Pengo auger teeth comes with a number of advantages. In fact, some would say that it is a good decision to forego original manufacturer auger teeth in favor of Pengo cutter tools. But which are the main advantages of investing in Pengo auger teeth? Check out the following:

High cutting performance

The productivity and performance of the auger machine are highly depended on the cutting performance of the teeth tip. Pengo auger teeth offer an incredibly high cutting performance due to a number of factors. First, the company uses one of the highest grade of tungsten carbide material for the tip. This is one of the hardest metals in the industry. Tungsten carbide comes with incredible properties such as resistance to impact, wear, and abrasion amongst others. That is why these tips are incredibly sharp and can maintain the sharpness for a long time. That is how they are able to maintain high cutting performance for long.

High Wear-resist Steel body

The company used the best grade of material that you can find in the market. With the main causes of the reduced lifespan of the cutter tools being the high rate of wear, Pengo is using the highest grade of material for the body. They have the best quality of forged steel that is wear and abrasion resistant. That simply means that you will not have a problem of regular maintenance and replacement of the auger teeth since they are resistant to wear.

Reduced Operation Cost

With Pengo auger teeth, the cost of operation and the overall maintenance is significantly reduced. The fact that these teeth are made from the highest grade of materials such as tungsten carbide and the forged steel. These material offers incredible properties including resistance to wear and abrasion. That means you will have less maintenance and repair cost. That’s how the cost of operation is reduced by a significant amount.

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