Auger attachment, tooth holder C30 for Rock Augers and core barrel, fitting to rotary drilling rig

Auger attachment, tooth holder C30 for Rock Augers and core barrel, fitting to rotary drilling rig

Auger attachment, tooth holder C30 for Rock Augers and core barrel, fitting to rotary drilling rig

The Foundation drilling tools from JYF Machinery have the following features:

Tungsten carbide:

The grounded raw material is prepared for maximum abradability by using double-grain structure tungsten carbide, which is substantially stronger than traditional coarse-grained cemented carbide. The double-grain structure carbide has a maximum hardness as high as 90-93 HRA, and a maximum impact toughness of more than 2800 MPA. This represents a performance improvement of between 25%-33%—which means our customers pay less for accessories for our drilling equipment due to the significantly longer running times of our machines.

Braze welding:

A welding technique introduced from Northern Europe that allows the interpenetration of alloy and alloy composition in the steel body (thereby achieving high welding strength).

Hard facing:

the adoption of the specially made Cr-W blended wear-resistant welded layer with maximum hardness up to 55-60 HRC. Possesses outstanding abrasion and impact resistance performance.

Steel body:

The steel body is forged with a special wear-resistant alloy steel, which has exceptional strength and toughness, a higher fatigue limit, the ability to withstand impact after quenching and tempering, and maximum hardness of 53-54 HRC. These characteristics protect the drilling tools and strengthen the protection of the tungsten carbide to extend the life cycle of our drilling equipment and their wear parts.

Applied attachment:

Drilling Buckets, Rock Augers, Core Barrels, Continuous Flight Augers (CFAs), Casing Twisters, Casing Shoes, Pipe Shoe, Core Rings, Belling Tools

Applied drilling rig model:

Bauer, Mgf, Liebherr, Tmt, Ncb, Casagrand, Cmv, Soilmec, Mait Sanyi, Xcmg, Zoomlion

The Types Of Our Company’s Foundation Drilling Tools, Holder & Block Including:

Betek tools style:

Foundation Drilling Tools: Bkh28 B47k17.5-H, Bkh40 B47k19-H, Bkh47 B47k22-H, Bhr38 Holder B43h, Bhr96 Holder B85, Bz12, Bm46 Bm 3-11.3., Bhr03 Holder B11, Bm55 Bm4-14/2, Btr03b 43/3, Btr02 B43hd, Bhr20 Holder Dv8, Bsh05 B1hdk12, Bsk17 B1hdk12k, Bsh09 B3, Bsk12 B3k, Bhr07 Holder Dv9, Btk03 B40hdk12, Btk16 B40/3, Btk10 B40hds, Bhr31 Holder Dv25, Bhr32 Holder Dv25vs

Kennametal teeth style:

Foundation Drilling Tools:Cmb4, Cm42, C23, C21hd, C20, C21, Sl02, Sl04, Sm02,C21f, C21fhd, C21f11nb, C24, C20hd, Rs15, Rs16, Rs17, Rs18, Rs14, C3kbf, Rp21, Rp22, Rl11, Rl06, Rl10, Rl07, Rl09, Rl08, Rl04, C10hd, C10h, C10, C10amc, C10am/Lg, Sm05, Sm06, Sm02, Sm01, C87kcsbsr, C87dssr, C87g, C87b, Ar150 87, Ar150 87st, C87e, C87hds, C87rl, C10am/Lg, C87hdg, C32, C31, C31hd, U40hd, Auc40kh, Ch31sr, C31rhd, C31fsrhd, C34fsr, C36r, C35r, C34r, C30, C30h/U40h, C30hdw50, Ds01(1880696), Ds04(1918736), Ds04-59(1918738), Ds05(1918738), Ds06(3110671).