Brazing Tungsten Carbide

Brazing Tungsten Carbide

Brazing Tungsten Carbide

The demand for the machine wear parts has grown tremendously over the last few decades. Like any other market, increase in demand reduces supply for the original parts giving room for fake products in the market. At JYF machinery, we are here to bridge the gap by providing high quality aftermarket wear parts. We are producing wear parts for all kinds of industrial machines. One thing that has made our parts popular with machines users is quality. We are not only using the best quality materials but also the quality of our production process. Brazing tungsten carbide is one of the processes that has made our tools stand out in the market.

What Is Brazing Tungsten Carbide?

Brazing tungsten carbide is the process of joining tungsten carbide tip or the tungsten carbide shank to the steel body. It is a process that brings two separate metals with a metallic filler, which is called braze. However, the top and the body must fit together neatly for the brazing to work. The metallic material will flow into the joint and to create a strong board that can be relied on even in the most demanding conditions.  One other thing that makes brazing tungsten carbide popular is that it makes a joint that is difficult to see.

Brazing is one of the most popular joining technology in the machine parts construction industry. It has a similar outcome as the soldering but it but creates a stronger joint. The technique is also different from the typical soldering in both the amount of heat needed as well as the metal that can join together. With this technology, you can utilize a vast range of heat and temperatures depending on what you want to achieve. Unlike soldering, brazing technology also enables you to twist, jolt and also shake the formed bond to get a perfect shape without compromising the quality of the joint.

Why We Use Brazing With Tungsten Carbide

There are many reasons why the JYF machine uses brazing with tungsten carbide. But the most obvious one is the strength of the joint offers when it comes to the construction of tungsten carbide tools. With alloy steel being the metal that we use for the body of our tools, it is understandable why this the best option that we have chosen for the parts. Brazing is the most reliable as well as the most effective way of forming two different metals together. That is why we have opted to use for all our aftermarket parts.

How Brazing Tungsten Carbide Works

In our factory, we have invested in high quality equipment that ensures high quality bras zing joint. With most of the process automated, it is quite simple to do quality brazing tungsten carbide. For the technique to work, you only need to have the two pieces of metal (tungsten carbide tip and the steel body) brought together and braze flux is put between them. They are then heated to melt the braze flux to form the joint. However, we take various measures to ensure that we are getting the quality grade. Here are the basic steps of our brazing tungsten carbide:

The Brazing Tungsten Carbide
Brazing Tungsten Carbide
  1. Cleans the surfaces of both the tungsten carbide tip and the steel body
  2. Applying influx to the steel surface
  3. Get the precut braze alloy steel and coat it with some influx
  4. Position the tungsten carbide tip or shank
  5. Start heating the braze alloy
  6. Move the tungsten carbide component slightly to allow the fumes or flux to escape
  7. Let the assembly cool down
  8. Use some hot water to wash off the excess flux

Pros of Brazing Tungsten Carbide

There are many benefits that come with tools that have been constructed using brazing tungsten carbide. These are just a few of them:

  1. Brazing does not melt the base joined metals as it is with welding; hence a clean joint which doesn’t need any form of secondary finishing.
  2. It can join non-similar metals as well non-metals
  3. Less thermal distortions due to the uniform heating
  4. Cost effective in brazing complex and multi-part assemblies
  5. You can coat brazing for protective purposes
  6. It excels in mass production and automated manufacturing


  • Braze joints may not survive under extremely high temperatures.

At JYF machinery, we are offering the best brazing tungsten carbide for all our wear parts. Therefore, our machine wear parts guarantee high performance even in the most demanding conditions. We have the latest brazing equipment, and that is why quality is a guarantee. In addition, we also provide external processing services for Brazing Tungsten Carbide amongst other services. Contact us or visit our stores.