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Bullet Teeth Or Conical Teeth

Bullet Teeth or Conical Teeth

When it comes to drilling needs, JYF MACHINERY has the best wear parts replacement to help your drilling equipment deliver a peak performance. Whether you are looking for bullet teeth or conical teeth, we are providing innovative, custom and standard foundation drilling tools for all your auger needs. Our auger drilling teeth are designed with cutting-edge technology to keep your equipment not only running at peak performance but also last longer. JYF products are made from a high raw material (tungsten carbide) which gives then extra-hard properties for tough ground conditions.

Our auger teeth are designed to fit into all a vast range of drilling machines. So whether you’re looking for drilling teeth, bullet bits, Conical teeth or post hole digger teeth fitting to soil auger, rock auger, tapered auger, continuous flight auger, or displacement piles auger, we are the perfect place to place an order for.

As the technology advances in earthwork industry, foundation drilling sector has been one of the major beneficiaries of these developments. The quality of the modern auger is incredible. It performs better and delivers exceptional results when rightly used. But what happens when you need a replacement? Well, brand new auger equipment will work for some time without problem, but after some time, the drilling parts or teeth will start wearing off. The machine performance may start deteriorating, and the replacement of worn out parts will be inevitable. But with the flooding of fake auger parts on the market, it may turn out to be tricky getting the right replacement.

At JYF MACHINERY, we are manufacture and supply state-of-art foundation drilling tools. We offer a vast range of replacement parts of drilling equipment from the bullet teeth, bullet bits, conical teeth, and post hole digger teeth amongst others. Our products are specially designed to enhance you drilling equipment (auger) performance. Having been in the industry for some time, we understand what the drilling equipment need not only to work better but also to improve their lifespan. Our objective is to ensure that our customers are experiencing a positive change after making a replacement with any our parts.  So whether you are looking for any of the drilling tools, then we are the perfect place to be.

So what type of auger equipment are you operating? Well, with the myriad of auger machines in the market, it can be a little bit difficult for the new buyers to get right tools. But at JYF, we are home to all auger replacement needs. We are producing wear parts used on all different types of auger including soil auger, rock auger, tapered auger, continuous flight auger and displacement piles augers. So, we are a one-stop shop for all your auger replacement parts regardless of the type of auger equipment you are using.

As a customer-oriented company, we committed to producing best quality products. Whether the customer is using the soil auger, rock auger or tapered auger, our object is to give them a better experience. It’s for this reason why our drilling teeth, post hole digger teeth, and conical teeth are made from high-quality raw material and cutting-edge technology. Tungsten carbide is raw material we use to manufacture all our drilling products. It’s best known for its toughness of more than 2800 MPA, wear resistance and high impact resistance amongst others properties. We also make use of braze welding technology to give the drilling teeth and bits good welding properties while the steel body provides the additional hardness.

JYF MACHINERY is one of the most established companies in China which specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying conical teeth, drilling teeth, bullet teeth, bullets and foundation drilling tools. We have our own bullet teeth, conical teeth, and other drilling tools factory where we welcome customer to come, sample our products and buy in wholesale. Our products are cheap/inexpensive but of good quality. Whichever of the type of auger equipment that you are using be it soil auger, rock auger, tapered auger, continuous flight auger, or displacement piles auger, we have your replacements covered.