Cold-recycling milling Drums fitting to asphalt recycling machine

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Cold-recycling milling Drums fitting to asphalt recycling machine

Cold-recycling milling Drums fitting to asphalt recycling machine

When it comes to road milling machines, the milling drum or cutter drum is one of the most fundamental components. Most milling experts describe it as the heart of the milling machine for some reasons. First, it is the single largest tool in a road milling machine. Second, it has all the cutting tools on it, I.e., teeth holder or blocks and the teeth meaning it is the part of the machine that does the actual milling or cutting work.

Milling drums come in different types and sizes depending on the kind of surface. But there are three major types of cutter drums, and they include concrete milling drum, asphalt milling drum, and the recycling milling drums. All these three models excel on different surfaces as mentioned earlier. What should you look for in a milling drum? Well, look for a milling drum made from highest grade material. The form of blocks should also allow for better cleaning and material evacuation for efficient milling. The quality of the teeth should be the best- tungsten carbide made teeth and teeth holder are highly recommended. This is what we are offering you at JYF MACHINERY.

JYF is one of the most established companies in China specializing in manufacturing and supplying of milling drums. Our cutter drums are made from highest grade material for clean-cut and maximum wear life. We are very versatile in production so as to address our customers wholly by producing three different classes of cutter drums. Whether you need (1) standard milling drums for large area pavement maintenance, (2) economy milling drums for small areas and narrow finishing milling or (3) fine milling drums, we have a vast range of these cutter drums to choose from.

We have our own milling drum making factory where customers are welcome to sample our products and buy at wholesale prices. Our milling wear parts are relatively but of good quality. Buy from us and value for money is a guarantee.