Why Consider Digga’s Magnum Mulcher


Why Consider Digga’s Magnum Mulcher

Why Consider Digga’s Magnum Mulcher

Digga is not a new name as far is as industrial tools and equipment are concerned. The manufacturer has been providing the market with a vast range of industrial machines and wear parts. When it comes to land clearing machines, the company has some of the best machines. Digga’s Magnum Mulcher is one of the popular machines land clearing machines from the company. It is a real beast when it comes to shredding vegetation and trees. So why should you consider Digga’s Magnum Mulcher? Here are some of the key features attracting buyers:

High versatility

Everyone going for the mulching machine will choose versatility. That is what Digga’s Magnum Mulcher is offering to the users. First, the mulcher provides high flow skid steer loaders or excavator of up to 20 tons. Its versatility is mostly with the ability to grind small and large materials ranging bushes to the tree. So you still have stamps? Well, with Digga’s magnum mulcher this is will never be a problem. The mulching can also grind stumps that are above the ground with a lot of ease. It can also produce different sizes of debris. If you want small particles that can rapidly decompose back to the soil, then Digga’s magnum mulcher is what you need.


Digga’s magnum mulcher is exceptionally flexible in use. Apart from land clearing, it can also be used for some other tasks. It can also be used for clearing firebreaks and remediation. If you need a machine that can also be used for the maintenance of forestry trails and parks, then this is one of the perfect options for you. So once you buy magnum mulcher from Digga, you can use it for a vast range of tasks. This will save you thousands of money that could have been used in buying equipment to do the same job.


When it comes to quality, Digga’s magnum mulcher is among the top on the list. The entire mulcher is made of highest grade material. The teeth are made of the highest grade of carbide materials (tungsten carbide). Their teeth also come in patented design. These are special teeth that provide relief and cutting consistency of the material. The other parts such as rotor are made from abrasion resistant steel that improves their lifespan significantly. So this is the kind of machine designed not only to last longer but also produce consistently high outputs.

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