Factor to consider while choosing Tub or Horizontal Grinders

tub and horizontal grinder wear parts

Factor to consider while choosing Tub or Horizontal Grinders

Factor to consider while choosing Tub or Horizontal Grinders

Whether you are using the Mobark tub or horizontal grinder or any other brand, there are no major differences in engine, torque limits or drivelines. So there is no need of getting too much into brand details. But there are few factors that should help you get the best out of your grinder. In this article we are going at some of the factors that might be important to in your operation:

Types of Hammer

The hammer is one of the essential horizontal or tub grinder parts. It controls the grinder production by acting the main horizontal or tub grinder teeth. There are two types of hammers that you can choose from, fixed hammers or swinging hammers. Although swing hammer is known for excellent lifespan and great finished product, they cannot handle anything above 18”. That’s why most of the machines are designed with fixed hammers. But if your shredder is not likely to exceed 18”, I would recommend that you go for swing hammers.

Dry or Fluid clutch

Both tub and horizontal grinders are available in either of the two clutches. For the dry clutches, they are the old version but still popular to date for a number of reasons. First, they are almost 100 percent manual and thus they give the operator a little more control of the driveline. They are also easy and cheap to repair. However, they are vulnerable to damages from the operator. On the other hand, hydraulic clutches do not any errors and typically last longer. However, they are very expensive.

Reversible Fans

This is a crucial feature that would determine the lifespan of the machine in a great way. With such kind of fans, you can reverse the flow of the air to blow out dirt that could have been sucked up into the radiator. This is an essential feature, especially if you are operating in a dusty environment. This helps in keeping the radiator in good thus extending the lifespan of the machine greatly.

Remote control

The advancement in technology has made it possible to automate most of the modern tub and horizontal machines. Most of the automated features are designed for the safety purposes. Most of the process that can be remotely controlled include emergency stop, conveyor off/on, Forward/ reverse and increase/decrease engine speed amongst others. The remote control helps in the proper and efficient operation of the grinder.

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