Fae Group Company and Fae related equipment applications

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Fae Group Company and Fae related equipment applications

About Fae Group and its development history

FAE Group is an international brand known across the world market because of their machine’s quality and performance. But little is known about the company history to most of their customers. They don’t know where it came from and just a bit of the history. The giant machinery company has not been around for a very long time like some of the competition. The Italian-based company has bulldozed itself into the market where it is now dwarfing even the old boys.

FAE Group was founded in 1989 in northern Italy, in Fondo (Trento). This is where its headquarters are even to date. From that time, the company has become a world leader in manufacturing various machines. Over the years, the company has increased its line of machinery in a bid to reach more customers. The expansion of the production and widening global market prompted the company to open branches in other countries.

Today, FAE Group has its headquarters in Italy but has six commercial branches across the world. They have FAE branch in France, USA, Western Canada, Russia, Australian Pacific and East Europe. That’s how big the company that started merely three decades ago has grown. But this expansion is credited by the company’s ever-increasing line of machinery. They have also expanded to various applications to reach more customers across the globe.

Fae product machine application

FAE company has majored its machine manufacturing in various applications including forestry, roads, and demining. Within these applications comes tens of machines that handle different tasks. For the forestry applications, they have a range of land clearing machinery for agricultural and forestry work. They have tree mulchers, forestry tillers, stump cutters and multifunctional heads.

For the road application, they have a range of construction work machines to select from. They have powerful FAE soil stabilisers and stone crushers. So, the company offers a range of machinery and that’s one reason why they have grown this big in just three decades. They have turned into more like a one-stop-shop for machine users.

Apart from FAE’s vast collection of the machine, another factor that has enabled them to grow fast is their quality. The company has been releasing some of the best quality machines in the market. This is another reason why they have been able to get a huge customer base across the world. All the releases that they make are meant to address various users’ problems after thorough research.

The performance of the FAE machines is another factor that has made the brand popular. The company produces some of the best quality machinery and some of the best performing machines. Whether they are forestry machines, road or demining machines, they have some of the highest performing machines.

The use of the latest technology in the production of machinery is another factor making FAE popular. Since 1989, the company has been advancing its machines with technology. They have been a market leader when it comes to adopting and coming up with new technologies in machines’ production. If you look at every release, you will notice an upgrade in technology for every release. Just check out their latest forestry mulcher release.

Apart from that, the company is providing more than just machinery. They are also providing machine wear parts to their machines’ users. With the understanding that machines wear out and may require parts replacement to keep them working, FAE also sells wear parts. This has made it easy for their machines’ users to access replacement from reliable sources.

But we all know that the demand for replacement wear parts overwhelms most original manufacturers. Same cases happen to FAE Group, and that’s why there are many aftermarket wear parts manufacturers.

At JYF Machinery, we are reputable aftermarket manufacturers of wear parts fitting FAE machines, among other brands. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality and reliable wear parts fitting their machines. We produce a vast range of tools including flail hammer, holder, mulcher blade, mulcher hammer and many others.

We use the latest manufacturing technologies, including hot forging, cold forging, CNC machining center, hard alloy brazing and hard alloy particle surfacing to ensure top quality tools. Contact us today for all your FAE machine wear parts and other brands. With us, quality at an affordable cost is a guarantee. If you need customised wear parts, we can help.