Features of Heavy Duty Forestry Mulcher Teeth

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Features of Heavy Duty Forestry Mulcher Teeth

Heavy duty forestry mulcher teeth are special types of mowing teeth that are designed to handle exceptional conditions or extremely demanding condition. Unlike the rest of the mowing teeth, heavy duty mulcher teeth are designed to be solid, extra sharp and powerful for the demanding situation. In most cases, Heavy duty forestry mulcher teeth are applicable for abrasive surfaces and ground level mulching. They are also used in tough conditions such as grinding tree limbs and huge wood materials.  But what makes these teeth different from the rest? Well, we are going to look at some of the key features that set these teeth apart.

Double Carbide Tips

In most of the forestry carbide mulcher teeth, they come with one carbide shank. But for the Heavy duty forestry mulcher teeth, they are designed with a double carbide tip. That means that they can perform almost double of what the typical carbide mulcher teeth can produce. With a double carbide shank, it also means that productivity of the teeth is almost doubled and that is why these teeth are known for the incredible output. Another benefit of having two carbide tips on the teeth is a reduction of stress to the tip. Unlike the typical carbide tipped teeth where all pressure is directly on one tip, the Heavy duty forestry teeth spread the pressure on the two tips. That helps in reducing the rate of teeth wear down, which in turn improves the lifespan of the teeth.

Higher Performance

Heavy duty forestry mulcher teeth have an incredible performance. If you feel that your mulching equipment is not hitting peak performance even after installing the best carbide teeth, then you should consider these teeth. Due to their double carbide shanks, these teeth provides almost double of what the typical teeth.

High Output

High output is another major benefit that Heavy duty forestry mulcher teeth have over the typical teeth. The amount or the area that will be cleared by a mulcher fitted with these teeth is incredibly big compared to the alternatives. These heavy-duty teeth waste less materials while operating and that helps the operator to save on the overall operation of cost.

Longer Lifespan

Heavy duty forestry mulcher teeth are constructed from the highest grade of material, and that is what gives them an extremely long lifespan. The double carbide teeth reduce pressure on the tips thus giving the teeth a longer lifespan. Therefore, you can rest assured that with these teeth, you will definitely get value for money.

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