What Is Flail Mower Hammer Blades?

Flail Mower

What Is Flail Mower Hammer Blades?


What Is Flail Mower Hammer Blades?

Flail mowers are agricultural equipment mostly used for cutting heavy grass foliage or scrub. They are also a great option for tough jobs such as cutting overgrown grass, brush, clearing brambles, weeds, tree branch, or uneven grounds. These machines also a great option for mowing areas with rocks and debris such bottles and metals. Unlike other mowers, flail mowers cut the grass finely and leave the cutting on the ground. The machines make use of the teeth also known as the flail mower hammers or flail mower blades to clear the foliage. But you have to be very selective while choosing blades since there are different types of flail mower hammers for different tasks.

If you are buying a new flail mower, you have two choices to choose from – Y knife Blades and Hammer Blades (T blades). Y-Blades are designed with a ‘Y’ shape with two separated blades at the end. These blades are great for cutting tall weeds or overgrown and can also great for cutting lawns. However, if you need to cut thick foliage or tree sapling; then, flail mower hammer would be the perfect option. They are heavier than the Y-blades but either of the blades will make a clean cut when used for the right task.

working principle of the flail mowers

The working principle of the flail mowers is very simple. The blades are attached to the axle or shaft which rotates at a very high speed. It is this movement that produces the centrifugal force that’s needed to the blades pushed out to sever brush, weeds, and grass. It’s important to note that flail mowers come in different sizes depending on the width of the rotor or the drum. In most cases, the sizes range from 48 to 102 with the choice depending on the tasks. It’s also important to look at the arrangement of the flail hammer blades so as to get the best out of your machine.

The quality of the flail mower hammer is an important factor to consider. Make sure that you have the best quality if you want to get value for money. Also, make sure that the type of teeth you are using can be sharpened to enhance the performance of the flail mower. Tungsten carbide teeth are the best choice for any cutting equipment. This is a type of material that offers exceptional hardness, high impact resistance, superior resistance, good welding properties and high grinding performance to the tool. For such flail hammer blades, try JYF MACHINERY Company. The company manufactures and supply high-quality tungsten carbide teeth. Their products are also inexpensive but of high quality.


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