Foundation Drilling Tools Series Include Auger Teeth, Bullet Teeth, Conical Bits, Round Shank Cutting Tools, and Flat Cutter. We Also Have Pilot Bits, Trencher Cutter, Welding Bars, Casing Teeth, and Other Products

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Foundation Drilling Tools | Auger Teeth

Foundation Drilling Tools | Auger Teeth

JYF Machinery is committed to providing the most reliable foundation drilling tools and wear parts to the foundation drilling industry. JYF Machinery’s cutting tools and wear parts are specially designed to help your drilling attachments achieve the best performance. Our foundation drilling series include auger teeth, bullet teeth, conical bits, round shank cutting tools, and flat cutter. We also have pilot bits, trencher cutter, welding bars, casing teeth, and other products suitable for rock augers, digging buckets, drilling buckets, rock core barrels, continuous flight auger, bottom hole rock mills, diaphragm walls, casing shoes, and other drilling attachments and equipment.

Drilling Tools Application 

From mud, clay and shale, rock, concrete, and other construction conditions, customers can choose the most suitable foundation drilling tools. Each type of drill rig has its own advantages and disadvantages. Auger bit teeth, for example, are ideal for drilling through mud and clay, but have limited use in hard rock. Customers can also choose different wear-resistant designs for their cutting tools and wear parts. This includes different sizes of hard alloy blocks, wear-resistant surfacing protection, hard alloy surfacing, etc., to create a product that gives users a competitive advantage in specific target markets.

On the website, only selected drilling tools are listed, foundation drill rig series such as auger teeth, bullet teeth, conical bits, round shank cutting tools, etc. If you can’t find the product you want on the website or you need a unique product with a competitive advantage for your market, please contact us!

Are customized foundation drilling tools services available?

Yes, JYF Machinery offers customizable options to meet customer specific needs and requirements. Different sizes and shapes can be customized as required.

Drilling Attachments and Equipment

Augers are construction machines suitable for rapid hole-forming operations in building foundation projects. Augers are equipped with specialized auger teeth that can provide foundation drilling services for various materials and applications. It is an ideal foundation construction equipment for electric power, telecommunications, municipal administration, high-speed rail, high speed, highway, construction, petroleum, forestry, etc. Augers are suitable for fill layers, clay layers, silt layers, and sandy soil layers. They are also good for drilling stratum containing some pebbles and gravel. With core drill bits, augers can also be embedded in rock formations.

Drilling buckets are an essential tool when it comes to foundation drilling services. As the name suggest, drilling buckets are shaped like buckets. The bottom can be fully opened, and there are cutting teeth and valves on the bottom. The cutting soil chips are loaded into the bucket during rotary drilling. When the bucket is full, all the soil chips can be taken out of the hole and discharged from the bottom. Drilling bucket is mainly used for non-circular drilling in the formations such as high water-bearing sand, silt, clay, silty, sub clay, and gravel layer, as well as pebble layer and weathered soft bedrock.

Core barrels are a special type of drilling tool that works by cutting an annular groove. It is an essential part of drill rigs, as provides an efficient and reliable way to extract cores from the formation. The core can be broken by a hammer or a spiral drill bit. Rotary drilling rigs, small rotary drilling rigs, piling rigs, when drilling, the core pushes the hinges into the pipe. When the drill is lifted, the hinges are placed in a horizontal position by their own weight to seal the core in the inner pipe and take the core out of the hole. They are suitable for medium-hard to hard rock formations, medium to weakly weathered rock formations. Core barrels are also suitable for hard-frozen soil and other high-strength formations.

Trench Cutter, also called hydro mill, is a foundation drilling equipment used for the construction of underground diaphragm walls. It is suitable for very deep trenches and more so good for hard building ground. Unlike some of the drilling machines, trench cutter works continuously during excavation. Trenchers use a cutting wheel, Which has cutting teeth, to break up and crush the ground. The machine design allows for the conveyance of the loosened cuttings out of the dug trench.

Rock Drilling Auger and Auger Teeth
Drilling Bucket and Foundation Drilling Tools
Drilling Bucket and Foundation Drilling Tools

Foundation drilling tools | Auger Teeth Replacement: When to Replace Them?

Over time, foundation drilling tools and auger teeth can become worn or damaged, leading to decreased drilling performance and increased downtime. So it is necessary to take measures to fix or even replace it.

The frequency of wear parts replacement for foundation drilling can vary depending on several factors, including the type of soil, the diameter and depth of the hole being drilled, and the frequency of use. In general, it is recommended to inspect the parts after every use and replace them if any signs of wear or damage are present. It is important to prioritize safety and performance over cost when deciding when to replace foundation drilling tools and auger teeth.