Foundation Drilling

Foundation Drilling Tools

The drilling industry has grown big in the last few decades. With almost every drilling activity being mechanized, the demand for wear parts has also risen very first. With the original manufacturers are unable to meet the growing demand, aftermarket tools are offering the best alternative. At JYF machinery, we are coming in to bridge the gap by providing the market with high quality aftermarket foundations drilling tools.

We manufacture drilling tools that can be used for all kind of drilling activities. From the infrastructure construction, diaphragm walls, ground drilling such as sinking boreholes to trenching, we have everything you need for all your drilling needs. We understand that your foundation drilling is very demanding and that’s why we have invested in quality production. While drilling, the ground gets hard as you deeper. That is why you need to get the right tools that will meet the demand. Whether you are looking for deep foundation drilling, rotary drilling rig tools, we have excellent quality tools specially designed for such conditions.

Are you looking for rock auger teeth, core barrel, trencher cutters, or drilling bucket cutter tools, then we have everything that you need to get this. These are some of the commonly used machines for the drilling works. No matter the kind foundation drilling that you are working on, these are some of the machines that you must invest. If you are looking rock augers cutter tools, we are manufacturing auger teeth for all kind of augers in the market. You will also have a vast range of auger teeth to buy from depending on the type of foundation drilling that you are planning to have. Don’t worry about the size because we are producing for all rock auger sizes.

For the stump auger, digger augers and backhoe augers, we have a huge collection of cutters tools amongst other wear parts for the equipment. You need to check our vast range off cutter teeth and bits that fits such drilling equipment. It is also important to note that the quality of these tools from the JYF Machinery is the best that you can find in the market. That is because we are using the highest grade of raw materials and manufacturing process. That’s what makes us different from most of the after-market products that are in the market.

Our foundation drilling cutter tools are constructed from the highest grade of tungsten carbide and steel. Tungsten carbide is the best and the most recommended raw material in the market. That is because of the excellent properties that it comes with. Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals, and that’s why we are using for the drilling cutter tools tips. Some of the properties that make tungsten carbide the most preferred for drilling tools is high hardness and strength. Tungsten carbide also offers high resistance to wear and abrasion. Its heat tolerance is incredibly high. These properties mean that tungsten carbide teeth can maintain sharpness for long and lasts for long.

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foundation drilling tools

Due to the demanding condition in foundation drilling, we have all our tools’ body constructed from alloy steel. It is one of the highest grades of steel material that offers high resistance wear and abrasion. Alloy steel is also popular with manufacturers. That is due to its high hardness and strength compared to most of the alternatives steel. It also offers high tolerance to heat which is a critical feature in drilling. Together with tungsten carbide, they create an incredible cutter tool for any form of drilling.

In addition, the joining on the carbide tip and the alloy steel body, we are using braze tungsten carbide technology. This is one of the best joining technology for two different metals. Braze technique forms a strong joint that can withstand demanding drilling condition without breaking. Therefore, we are selling one of the best quality cutter tools for all your foundation works.

Whether you are looking foundation tools for you diaphragm walls, trenchers, rock augers, stump augers, digger augers, backhoe augers and so on, JYF machinery has all your need to be covered. As an aftermarket manufacturer, we are producing for all brands in the market. Whether it is bobcat auger teeth, McMillen auger teeth, Pengo auger teeth or Jiffy auger, we have everything you need. You can also place a direct order, and our team will handle it with a short turnaround time.