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Grinder Wear Parts

JYFMACHINERY manufacturing and supplying grinder wear parts (tub and horizontal grinder parts) including grinder tips, Inserts, Teeth, Fixed & Swing Hammers, Bolts and Nuts fitting to Wood chipper, Waste shredders, Tub grinder and horizontal grinder.We boast of being one of the few companies producing a vast range of grinder wear parts in the market. Whether you are looking for grinder tips, wood grinder teeth, tub grinder parts or horizontal grinder parts, we are the best place to place an order. We produce wear parts for wood chippers, Waste shredders and tub & horizontal grinder amongst other machines.

Compatible Brands

We are one of the few companies that manufacture and supply grinder wear parts for almost all major brands in the market. Whether you need a replacement for Diamond Z, Hogzilla, Vermeer, Norkot, Rexworks, Screen USA, Who, Peterson, Olathe, Packer,  Bandit Beast or any other brands of Wood chipper, Waste shredder, Tub grinder and horizontal grinder, JYFMACHINERY has it all for you. Sample our collection, and you will be impressed by how advanced our grinder wear parts are.

JYFMACHINERY’s Grinder Wear Parts

Wood waste processing is increasingly becoming one of the largest businesses in most markets. Since the 1990s the industry has grown tremendously due to the availability of raw materials and improvised working tools and equipment. With mulching, landscaping, composting and land clearing, etc. providing enough raw materials, what you need for a great finished product is the right tools. At JYFMACHINERY, we are standing in the gap to provide grinder wear parts that not only make your operations extremely efficient but also enhance the quality of your finished products.

At JYFMACHINERY, we boast of manufacturing a vast range of grinder wear parts with the aim of addressing our customers’ needs. We produce and supply grinder wear parts (tub and horizontal grinder parts) such as inserts, teeth, fixed and swinging hammers, grinder tips, bolts, and nuts. We also manufacture wood chippers and waste shredders as part of our grinder wear parts. To make it even better for our customer, we manufacture wear parts fitting to almost all major grinder brands in the market such as Bandit Beast, Diamond Z, Duratech, Vermeer, Hogzilla, Morbark, Vermeer, CBI, Norkot, Olathe, Packer, Peterson, Rexworks, Screen USA, Toro, WHO and others.

These three grinder wear parts (wood chippers, waste shredders and tub and horizontal grinder parts) have played a significant role and continue to be critical in the recycling industry. As a manufacturer, we understand this fact, and that’s why we are always advancing our technology to produce the best tools. Our grinder wear parts are continually improved to help users to enhance their experience, productivity, and ease of use. Whichever part of the grinding equipment you want to replace, you will definitely see a significant change in your production. And that’s what has kept us strong in the market.

We also understand that our customers are not equal in capacity. Some may have small grinding equipment while others may have large machines. That’s why we have manufactured most of the grinding wear parts in different sizes. A good example is our fixed & swing hammers (which are widely used at different crushing and grinding speeds) come in different sizes. For instance, we have different types of hammers fitting Vermeer such as TG 5000-9000 of HG 4000, with six layers CGP, bottom rail and TG 400-425, with 6 layers of CGP, bottom rail amongst others. Other grinder wear parts such teeth also come in different to address different needs of the user or machine.

Quality of product is something that JYFMACHINERY has invested heavily. From the raw material to the manufacturing process and lastly the packaging, we don’t compromise the quality. The TUB and horizontal grinder wear parts are made from Tungsten carbide (cemented-carbide), which as high-quality material popular in manufacturing metallic products. The material is known to hit a maximum hardness as high as 90-93 HRA while the max impact toughness can be way above 2800 MPA. We also incorporate wear resistant material to improve the toughness and strength. So, any of our grinder wear tools comes with an extended useful life.

With our TUB and horizontal grinder parts, it will be very easy to crush anything from wood barks, waste wood, forestry scraps to any other waste with a lot of ease.  The strength, hardness and impact toughness of these parts is incredible. Also, they can also reduce the processing, and this will significantly increase your profits margins. That’s most people in the recycling industry are increasingly preferring JYFMACHINERY grinding wear. The output is indisputably the best that you can find in the market.

JYF MACHINERY is indisputably one of the most established grinder wear parts manufacturers in China. We not only produce but also supply and sell to our customers.  In the few years that we have been in the industry, we have made a mark due to the quality of our products. We are a customer-oriented company, and that’s what dictates our end products. So you can expect nothing but the best from us. So whether you are looking for horizontal grinder parts, grinder tips, TUB grinder parts or wood grinder teeth from any brand, we are a one-stop shop for you.

We have our own factory where customers are free to visit and sample our products. Our products are available at a relatively friendly price without compromising on the quality. Our selling direct to the customer also enables you to get the product at a lower price. So make sure that you’ve increased your productivity with our quality grinding wear parts.