Key Praxis Stump Grinder Parts You Should Check Regularly

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Key Praxis Stump Grinder Parts You Should Check Regularly

Key Praxis Stump Grinder Parts You Should Check Regularly

When it comes to grinding stumps right with your Praxis stump grinder, there are parts that any serious operator or grinder owner should focus on. These are grinder parts that are crucial for the grinding tasks. Although any part of grinding machine is equally important, there are a few parts that will require more attention than others. In this article, we are looking at the some of the key Praxis stump grinder parts that more attention is needed if your grinding machine is to operate at peak performance:

Stump Grinder Teeth

The type and the condition of the grinder teeth is one of the most important things to pay attention to. First, you need to ensure that the quality of the teeth is the best that the market can offer. It is important to check the quality of the material used in their manufacturing. Although there are numerous choices to choose from, carbide material and more so tungsten carbide material is highly recommended. It is also equally important to always check the condition of the teeth. First, you need to ensure that teeth are not dull and blunt for a clean cut. If possible, have them sharpened every often so as to maintains their sharpness.

Cutter wheel

The cutter wheel is rarely seen as one of the significant Praxis stump grinder parts, but the fact is that it’s equally important. First, this is the part of the cutting tools that hold the teeth, and thus its condition would directly or indirectly affect the performance of the teeth. To get the best of your Praxis stump grinder, it is good to ensure that your cutter wheel is made of quality materials such as carbide. That will give it the robustness needed to work in any condition. High-quality cutter wheel will also help cut on your maintenance expenses.

Cutter Wheel Drive Belts

If you look towards utilizing 100% of the motor power in the stump grinding, then you need to have the right drive belts. Just like any other part of the stump grinders, Praxis stump grinder drive belts are subjects to wear. These parts are exposed to high temperatures, and the massive forces exerted on it while grinding. Once they start wearing out, the amount of motor power reaching the cutter wheel will start reducing with time. That means more time and fuel will be needed to work on even a simple grinding task. So have them checked regularly.

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