What to look for when purchasing a Tub or Horizontal grinder

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What to look for when purchasing a Tub or Horizontal grinder

What to look for when purchasing a Tub or Horizontal grinder

If you are planning to buy a tub or horizontal grinder, there are a few things you should know so as to avoid buying the wrong machine. Just like any other mechanical equipment out there, these grinders are prone to wear and tear especially if poorly maintained. But the seller can trick you, especially if you are a first-time buyer and end up selling you obsolete piece of equipment. That’s why you need to get expert information to help you make the right decision. Here are the tips for choosing the right tub or horizontal grinder:

The condition of the machine

This is the heart of the matter. In most cases, sellers use the outward appearance of the machine to confuse and entice the buyer. If you are not smart, you might end up falling for this trick. The best way to go about it is evaluating all aspects of the engine to ascertain its condition. Turn the engine on, run it and keep a lookout on areas such as the exhaust. Here, you need to check the color of the smoke produced by the engine. There are three possible outcomes on this:

  1. Black smoke is an indication that the air/fuel mixture is too much in fuel. The problem could be a dirty air filter or a faulty fuel injector. You should have that fixed prior purchase.
  2. White smoke. This shows that the fuel is burning incorrectly. The problem could be a faulty head gasket that is letting water, mix with fuel or a compression issue.
  3. Blue smoke. The engine is burning oil. The problem could be as a result of worn out ring or seal. Another cause of blue smoke could be just an over fill of engine oil.


Rattling or Shaking

Having looked at the engine, the next thing to check is whether the machine is rattling or shaking. This happens once the clutch is engaged. It is a common problem in such machines including cars, but it is not normal as many people tend to think. Rattling or shaking is a mechanical problem that mostly occurs due to imbalances in the machine. Make sure that it has been fixed prior the purchase.


For any mechanic equipment of this magnitude, regular maintenance is critical. In this case, grinder wear parts repair is crucial. Check the maintenance record and if the user has been following manufacturer’s instructions. If the tub or horizontal grinder record is clean; then, that’s a good machine to buy. But if otherwise, don’t consider it a potential candidate.

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