Major Silent Killers in Loftness Forestry Mulcher

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Major Silent Killers in Loftness Forestry Mulcher

Major Silent Killers in Loftness Forestry Mulcher

For most people, as long as their forestry mulcher is moving and working, they are okay. But just like cars and other machines, forestry mulcher requires to be checked regularly for any developing complications. That’s why some rare cases, the machine might stop while in middle of mulching and you’ve no idea what’s going on. For newbies, these common problems but they are not unique to Loftness forestry mulcher but to all brands. In this article, we are looking at 3 silent killers in mulcher.

Dirt Particles

Dirt is something that most people ignore but ends costing them heavily. Mulchers mostly work in very dusty conditions and that’s why they are prone to this kind of destruction. But what do most people do? Well, they cleaned the outer parts of the machine and forget that the interiors sides are usually the most affected. When leaks from oil and other fluids from the machine usually combines with dirt, the outcome could be very corrosive. This will contribute to high rate of wear and tear thus reducing the lifespan of the machine. The Combination of dust particles and oil also makes it difficult to identify hydraulic leans. Dirt also promotes the rusting of metal parts thus reducing the lifespan of your Loftness mulcher.

Wearing off Teeth

Worn out teeth could be making it difficult to mulch foliage but what many people do not realize is that it also takes a toll on the machine. In an ideal situation, Loftness forestry mulchers are designed to work with less resistance if any. Once the teeth start wearing off, the machine’s efficiency will start dropping hence forcing the machine to work harder. The effect of dropping efficiency results to more wear and tear of the engine and motor. This will definitely reduce the lifespan of the machine if it’s not correct as quickly as possible. Get the best Loftness mulcher teeth for replacement.


How often do you change your mulcher fluid? This is another silent killer and it’s not unique to Loftness forestry mulcher. The major role of fluids in the mulcher is to lubricate and also for hydraulic purposes. But they should be used within a limited period of time. In most cases, the Loftness mulchers require oil change once a year or after 500 hours. For the engine and hydraulic fluids, it is recommended by most manufacturers to be changed every 100 to 500 hours depending on the type of task.

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