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Mining Drill Bit/ Cutting Picks

JYF Machinery provides a series of cutting tools, tool holders, wear-resistant accessories, and wear solutions for ground and open-pit mining. Mining cutting tools include cutting picks, mining bits, mining tooth holders, rock mining tools, as well as mining drill tools. We also produce HDD drill bits, drill bits for mining, rock drill bits, and underground mining tools, amongst others. Our tools are applicable to coal mining machines and roadheaders of JMC DSK, Sandvik, JOY, DBT, Eickhoff, JMC, Sanyi, Tiandi, ZMJ, and LMJ brands.

Mining Drill Bit for Coal Mining Machine

The coal mining machine is one of the main equipment of comprehensive coal mining equipment. Coal is broken from the coal body through the mining drill bits on the cutting head and loaded into the conveyor. The coal mining machine travels at the adjusted traction speed to synchronize the coal breaking and coal loading process. coal mining machine including continuous miners and long-wall mining equipment.

Cutting Picks Mining Drill Bit for Coal Mining1
Cutting Picks Mining Drill Bit for Coal Mining

Mining Drill Bit for Boring Machine and Tunnel Boring Machine

Boring machine is a machine for excavating roadways on flat ground. It has a walking mechanism, working mechanism, shipping mechanism, and reprinting mechanism. As the walking mechanism advances, the cutting head in the working mechanism continuously breaks the rock using mining drill bits and transports them away. The boring machines are mainly two: the ordinary boring machine and the tunnel boring machine (TBM in short).