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Mining Tooth Holders

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Mining Tooth Holders

mining cutting tools including cutting picks, mining bits, mining tooth holder,  rock drill bits, HDD drill bits, drill bits for mining, rock drilling tools, rock mining tools , mining drill tools , underground mining tools etc. fitting to Continuous miners, Longwall Shearer. Used on underground mining and surface mining




Steel body: made by high-quality raw materials - steel material. After the heat treatment process, the original high-quality steel material could be forged to high-performance equipment materials, with hardness up to 51-53HRC and impact toughness above 60J. This material has good ductility and hardness, and has effects of overcoming extreme conditions.



Imported model series: Germany DSK, United States JOY, Germany DBT and Germany Eickhoff;

Domestic model series: JMC coal machine, Sanyi coal machine, Tiandi coal machine, ZMJ coal machine, LMJ coal machine.




The types of our company's mining bits and mining holder including:



Mining Bits: U47,U84KHD,U85-30, U85HD, U85HDHF,U92,U95,U95HF, U94,U94HD,U94HF,U170LR 4.0 22,KSM5,U119HF,AM521HF,U765HD,U73,C31HD,C21HD / U43KHD, C4/U43H


Mining Holder: K175S、K25S、K30S、2356IH Block、U82 Block、BBS30.65H Block、、U43XHD、U94 Block、K35、K35W、K225S、K225SW、BHR38



TS8,TS18,C6,C7,C8,C4,TS19,T12,TS13C,TS11,C4-1,T12,T12,TH3-100 BOLCK ECT,





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