SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1+2 Carbide tips

SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1+2 Carbide tips

Due to the quality of materials and production processes, JYF Machinery has managed to produce high quality machine wear parts. Here are four things making our parts stand out.

Tungsten Carbide Particles: We only use the highest grade tungsten carbide as raw material for tool tips. The crushed raw material dual grain structure tungsten carbide offers high abrasive resistance.

Tungsten Carbide: The carbide raw material is pressed and sintered to produce high-quality dual grain structure tungsten carbide that has incredible welding properties plus high wear resistance.

Steel Body: At JYF we are using 42crmo alloy steel, one of the highest grade of steel material. It has a hardness of up to 42-55 HRC which offers strength to the tungsten carbide tip.

Hard facing: We use specially made CR-W or chromium to make wear-resisting welded layer on the tools with the hardness of up to 55hrc-60hrc. In addition, CR-W has excellent abrasion resistance and impact resistance performance.


SwingHammer fitting to Duratech Grinder with 1+2 Carbide tips

JYF Machinery manufactures and sells aftermarket wear parts and accessories for forestry mulcher, flail mower, rock crusher, stump grinder, foundation drilling, road milling, coal mining, trencher, wood grinder, wood shredder, and wood chippers. We are producing and selling wear parts for all the major brands in the market and all their models.  That is, as released by the original manufacturer. Therefore, we sell aftermarket wear parts for the big brands of industrial machines and all their models.

However, we no association with the manufacturer of the original equipment for which are manufacturing and selling parts/accessories. We are only using their products names, machine models, parts, and other products details to help you identify our products’ compatibility with your machine. Therefore, we do not represent or imply that our aftermarket wear parts/accessories that we are selling are products of or have been approved by the original manufacturer of the machine. We are a fully independent aftermarket wear parts manufacturer from the original machine manufacturer.

All trademarks associated with the original equipment, all products advertised on this site are intended and sold for the market used. Don’t misconstrue as a statement of ownership or a nod by the original manufacturer to our wear parts.

Check what your warranty says regarding aftermarket parts and accessories not supplied by the original manufacturer before making a purchase. JYF Machinery is not responsible for any changes that may occur in warranties. Check what your machine seller policy say about the use of third-party aftermarket products before making a purchase. That will ensure you are on the safe side and you do not lose the benefits of your warranty.

You may need to contact the manufacturer for clarity about warranty requirement. That’s to ensure you have fully complied with warranty requirement to install aftermarket wear parts and accessories.

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