Outsourcing for foundation drilling tools?

Outsourcing for foundation drilling tools?

RUIAN JFY MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO,.LTD is one of the leading  foundation drilling teeth, Auger teeth, foundation drilling bits, Digging bits manufacturer and supplier in china. Having proven to be a professional in producing Foundation drilling teeth, foundation drilling bits, bullet teeth digging Bits Company, auger Teeth Company, we are glad to let you know that we recently set up our very own foundation drilling teeth, foundation drilling bits, auger teeth, bullet teeth, digging bits factory.


In addition to the above, we also manufacture drilling tools, rotary drilling tools, rock auger bit, the WS30, bauer drilling tools etc. as a professional drilling tools manufacturer and supplier we have also set up an independent factory to oversee the production ofrotary drilling tools, rock auger bits, bauer drilling tools etc


Detailed overview of our foundation drilling bits, foundation drilling holders and foundation drilling blocks with extensive reference to the material used


i.Tungsten carbide: -sintering and pressing by high quality double crystal carbide which is exclusively selected by our company hence able to maintain a good welding property as well as wear resistance including a higher impact resistance.



ii.Steel body – it is made using high quality materials (mostly steel). After the heat treatment phase, the original high quality steel material can then be easily forged into a high performance equipment material that is characteristic of good ductility and hardness and also has the effects of overcoming extreme conditions.



iii.Braze welding : we have employed welding techniques from northern Europe which in turn has allowed for the interpenetration of both allow and the alloy composition in steel body a move which has allowed for the realization of high welding strength.

In addition to all of the above, we have invested equally much in build up welding. In fact, you will be glad to learn that our company has employed the use of laser, plasma cladding as well as CO2 arc welding and argon arc welding to mention the least. Our three main types of foundation drilling tools, block and holder include the bauer, betek and the Kennametal.


Everything taken into consideration, we therefore take this opportunity to welcome you to shop or our Foundation drilling products which include foundation drilling teeth, foundation drilling bits, auger teeth, bullet teeth, digging bits and other products which are presently available in wholesale. It may also interest you to learn that apart from simply being of good quality, our products are equally very affordable.