PENGO Style 35 Series rock auger teeth 35C-I fitting to auger attachments

PENGO Style 35 Series rock auger teeth 35C-I fitting to auger attachments

PENGO Style 35 Series rock auger teeth 35C-I fitting to auger attachments

The Foundation drilling tools from JYF Machinery have the following features:

Tungsten carbide:

The grounded raw material is prepared for maximum abradability by using double-grain structure tungsten carbide, which is substantially stronger than traditional coarse-grained cemented carbide. The double-grain structure carbide has a maximum hardness as high as 90-93 HRA, and a maximum impact toughness of more than 2800 MPA. This represents a performance improvement of between 25%-33%—which means our customers pay less for accessories for our drilling equipment due to the significantly longer running times of our machines.

Braze welding:

A welding technique introduced from Northern Europe that allows the interpenetration of alloy and alloy composition in the steel body (thereby achieving high welding strength).

Hard facing:

the adoption of the specially made Cr-W blended wear-resistant welded layer with maximum hardness up to 55-60 HRC. Possesses outstanding abrasion and impact resistance performance.

Steel body:

The steel body is forged with a special wear-resistant alloy steel, which has exceptional strength and toughness, a higher fatigue limit, the ability to withstand impact after quenching and tempering, and maximum hardness of 53-54 HRC. These characteristics protect the drilling tools and strengthen the protection of the tungsten carbide to extend the life cycle of our drilling equipment and their wear parts.

Applied attachment:

Drilling Buckets, Rock Augers, Core Barrels, Continuous Flight Augers (CFAs), Casing Twisters, Casing Shoes, Pipe Shoe, Core Rings, Belling Tools

Applied drilling rig model:

Bauer, Mgf, Liebherr, Tmt, Ncb, Casagrand, Cmv, Soilmec, Mait Sanyi, Xcmg, Zoomlion

The Types Of Our Company’s Foundation Drilling Tools, Holder & Block Including:

Betek tools style:

Foundation Drilling Tools: Bkh28 B47k17.5-H, Bkh40 B47k19-H, Bkh47 B47k22-H, Bhr38 Holder B43h, Bhr96 Holder B85, Bz12, Bm46 Bm 3-11.3., Bhr03 Holder B11, Bm55 Bm4-14/2, Btr03b 43/3, Btr02 B43hd, Bhr20 Holder Dv8, Bsh05 B1hdk12, Bsk17 B1hdk12k, Bsh09 B3, Bsk12 B3k, Bhr07 Holder Dv9, Btk03 B40hdk12, Btk16 B40/3, Btk10 B40hds, Bhr31 Holder Dv25, Bhr32 Holder Dv25vs

Kennametal teeth style:

Foundation Drilling Tools:Cmb4, Cm42, C23, C21hd, C20, C21, Sl02, Sl04, Sm02,C21f, C21fhd, C21f11nb, C24, C20hd, Rs15, Rs16, Rs17, Rs18, Rs14, C3kbf, Rp21, Rp22, Rl11, Rl06, Rl10, Rl07, Rl09, Rl08, Rl04, C10hd, C10h, C10, C10amc, C10am/Lg, Sm05, Sm06, Sm02, Sm01, C87kcsbsr, C87dssr, C87g, C87b, Ar150 87, Ar150 87st, C87e, C87hds, C87rl, C10am/Lg, C87hdg, C32, C31, C31hd, U40hd, Auc40kh, Ch31sr, C31rhd, C31fsrhd, C34fsr, C36r, C35r, C34r, C30, C30h/U40h, C30hdw50, Ds01(1880696), Ds04(1918736), Ds04-59(1918738), Ds05(1918738), Ds06(3110671).