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Road Milling Drums

Road Milling Drums

The composition and working principle of milling drums


The drum is the most basic component of milling drums. The base teeth holder, ejector, teeth holder apron on the base teeth holder, and milling teeth on the teeth holder apron are regularly and helically distributed on both sides of the drum. The milling drum’s rotation at a constant speed is driven by the running gear to cut the pavement surface horizontally. The cutting depth is set using a depth controller. Waste is delivered to the primary conveying belt under the effect of a spiral line and ejector and then to a dump truck by a secondary conveying belt. Finally, it is delivered offsite.




When the milling machine works, the milling teeth make direct contact with pavement; the status of the milling teeth is related to both the quality of the working face and the service life of the teeth holder apron. Worn milling teeth should be replaced promptly; otherwise, the tool apron will be damaged. If the teeth holder apron is damaged, the milling teeth will be broken frequently and suffer from abnormal spoilage. Obviously, milling teeth should be maintained through effective maintenance of the milling drums.




Milling drums can be classified into standard milling drums, economy milling drums and fine milling drums as teeth pitch; the teeth pitch of a standard milling drum is 15mm, while that of a finish milling drum is generally ≤8mm. JYF Machinery has specialized in R&D of cutting technology; the teeth pitch of its finish milling drum can reach 4-6mm, while the depth can reach 0-100mm.




Standard milling drums




A standard milling machine has a strong milling capacity and is appropriate for large-area pavement maintenance. A standard milling machine is equipped with a crawler attachment, the milling drums between crawler units.


Milling width> 130 cm


Engine > 250 kW


Due to the strong milling capacity of a standard milling machine, construction can be completed faster and traffic jams will be relieved.




Front materials can enable milling materials to be delivered out of the machine more efficiently, and consequently ensure smooth milling.


Economy milling drums


An economy milling machine has strong maneuverability and flexibility and can be used for small-area milling and narrow-finish milling. An economy milling machine is equipped with a wheeled crawler attachment; the milling drums are at the rear of the milling machine.


Milling width< 130 cm


Compact appearance and low transport weight


Minimum milling radius, applicable to milling around barriers, sharp turns and road equipment


Fine milling drums


From the point of pavement fine milling process, a milling drum of the same length has more road milling tools aprons than a standard milling drum does; a 2m standard milling drum has about 170 road milling tools aprons, while a fine milling drum has 1004 road milling tools aprons at most. The graffito cost of a finish milling drum is far higher than that of standard milling drums.


Milling drums can be classified into concrete pavement milling drums, asphalt pavement milling drums, and milling drums used for recycling, soil stabilizing and surface mining as per usage.


Recycling and soil stabilizer


Milling drums for recycling and soil stabilizing are used to stir materials evenly.


While milling materials cannot be delivered using a blow-off belt as compared to a pavement milling machine, the milling drum has no spiral line. To obtain the optimal stirring effect, the teeth holder is welded onto the milling drum base.


Milling drum used for surface mining machine


A surface milling machine is used under severe working conditions.


It is designed based on a pavement milling drum and has a well-designed apron and teeth holder and a bigger teeth pitch.


JYF Machinery provides various milling drums for different working conditions and different milling materials, such as salt, iron ore, coal and bauxite.




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