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Road milling drums for JYF Machinery

For your road milling machine to continue delivering a peak performing, keep its teeth holder in the right condition. These are parts that hold the teeth in position for a thorough milling and the reason why they are prone to wear and tear. If holder cannot hot the tooth in firmly in place, it should be replaced soonest possible. But with influx of fake holders in the market, you need to watch out while shopping. But we are here to help you out. At JYF MACHINERY, we are supplying you with some of the high-quality road milling holders.

We manufacture and supply road milling holders fitting all brands in the market. So whether you need replacement road milling holders for Wirtgen, Caterpillar, Roadtec, Bomag, Bitelli, HME, Zoomlion, or XCMG amongst other models, we have got covered. Whether it is an asphalt milling machine, asphalt recycling machine or concrete milling machine, you will definitely get holder replacement from us.

<a href="">Road milling teeth</a> and holder are two parts of a milling machine that should always be in the best condition. Although teeth do the actual milling work, road milling holder is equally important for a properly working tooth. Road milling holders are prone to wear and tear and mostly due to friction exerted by the teeth while milling. After some time of use, the holder will be unable to keep the teeth firmly in position and this will have a direct impact on the machine output. That’s why it’s important to have these parts replaced immediately they start wearing off.

Road milling holders are in plenty on the market but not every brand will provide the desired results.  With the flooding of substandard or fake holders, it can be a little bit tricky especially for the new buyer to choose the right road milling holder. At JYF MACHINERY we are here to help you get the best quality road milling holders the market can offer. We design, manufacture, and supply quality holders fitting all road milling machines in the market. So whether you need a replacement for a concrete milling machine, asphalt milling machine or asphalt recycling machine, we have plenty of teeth holders to choose from.

We produce road milling holders fitting all models of milling machines in the market.  Whether you need a replacement for a Wirtgen milling machine, Bomag milling machine, Bitelli milling machine, HME milling machine, Zoomlion milling machine or XCMG milling machine; just place an order with us.  We understand that road milling machines come in different sizes and that’s why we are providing different sizes of holders. We are currently providing 2omm, 22mm, and 25mm road milling holders. Apart from holders, you can also buy other milling parts such as Wirtgen parts and Roadtec parts from us.

At JYF MACHINERY, quality is king. We are committed to producing nothing but the best quality of road milling holder and other parts. To achieve this, we use quality raw material and cutting-edge technology in manufacturing. All our products are made of tungsten carbide. This is a special type of carbide best known for its high impact resistance, wear resistance and good welding properties. Tungsten carbide is also tough and extremely durable. The incorporation of the steel body and braze welding technologies in our teeth holders makes them stand out from the rest.

RUIAN JYF MACHINERY is one the China’s most established and reputable company that specializes in road milling teeth manufacturing and supplying. As a customer-oriented company, we are committed to producing products that improve customers’ experience. We not only produce quality teeth holders but holders fitting all road milling models. Whether you need holder replacement for a Wirtgen milling machine, Wirtgen road planer, cat milling machine, Wirtgen parts, CAT cold planer, BITELLI milling machine, ROADTEC parts, BOMAG milling machine and other road milling machine, we have got you covered.

We have a road milling teeth holder factory where customers are welcome to buy our products at wholesale. Our products are cheap but of good quality.  Place an order with us and your milling experience will never be same again.