Road Milling

asphalt milling teeth

Bits/Teeth and tools for Road Milling, Cold Planer and Soil Stabilization

At JYFMACHINERY, we are a customer oriented company. We manufacture, supply and sell Road milling tools fitting all major brands on the market. So it does not matter the brand of the equipment that you are using since we have that catered for at our factory. We produce and sell tools Road Milling Tools including road milling teeth, cold planer teeth, road milling bits, Asphalt milling teeth and Road milling holder and other parts fitting to asphalt milling machine, asphalt recycling machine and concrete milling machine. So, if you are looking road mill tools fitting to Volvo, Cat, BITELLI, Wirtgen, ROADTEC, BOMAG and other road milling machine and cold planer brands; then, JYFMACHINERY is your best option.

JYFMACHINERY road milling tools are designed in different models for various surface conditions. We understand that roads have different conditions and that’s why our products are made to address these differences. We ensure that the tooth or bit body is carefully forged for a more compact inner structure. The difference on the toughness of the tools is also achieved by varying heat treatments. For us to achieve exceptional toughness and hardness, we’ve invested heavily in the quality raw material.

All our products are made from Tungsten carbide or cemented-carbide. The material is selected by the company due to its numerous benefits when it comes to making such tools. First, it has excellent impact toughness resistant and wear resistance properties. The addition of steel body on the toil also helps in improving the performance due to steel’s impressive hardness and impact toughness that’s above 60j. It’s this combination that gives our road milling tools the hardness and ductility to overcome even the most extreme conditions. To add exceptional welding strength to the tools, we’re incorporating Braze Welding, a technique that allows for the penetration of alloy compositions in steel body.

JYFMACHINERY is one of China’s most reputable Road Milling teeth and cold planner teeth manufacturer and supplier. Having been in this industry for some years now and we have made a mark in the market for our high levels of customer satisfaction.  Quality and variety are two key pillars in guiding our production. That’s why we have invested in manufacturing road milling tools for almost all the major brands in the market. This gives our customer the much-needed flexibility especially for customers working with some brands – we provide them with a one-stop shop for their road milling tools needs.

We have our own cold planer teeth and Milk teeth factory. Customers are welcome to sample and buy our road milling tools in wholesale. We have different models of cold planer teeth and road milling teeth to select from depending on the types of surfaces that you are working on. We manufacture road milling tools for all major brands in the market. So whether you are looking for Road milling holders, Road milling teeth, Road Milling Bits, Asphalt milling teeth, Road Milling Drums, or cold planer teeth, you just need to place an order with us. Our products are available at a friendly price without compromising on the quality. Buy road milling teeth, and cold planer teeth from us and your equipment performance will never be the same again.