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Rotary Drilling Tools

Rotary drilling makes work easier, especially for your tough construction works. Whether you are drilling holes for foundation reinforcement, roads, bridge construction, water conservancy or building foundation, the equipment makes the task quite easy. But you need to have the right tools for you get the best out of rotary drilling machine. At JYF MACHINERY, we design and manufacture state of the art rotary drilling tools fitting a vast range of brands.

Machines Compatible with our Tools

Our rotary drilling tools are compatible with a vast range of brands in the market. We sell rock drilling bits, Auger rock bits, auger attachment, auger teeth and auger parts fitting Pengo, Mcmillen, Lowe, Skid Steer, Belltec, Digging, BobCat, Mait, Sanyi, Liebherr and Danuser amongst other popular brands. So if you are looking for rotary drilling rigs or auger teeth from any of the big brands in the market, we are the guys to go for.

Other products

We also manufacture and supply other rotary drilling parts and tools including trench cutter, cutter soil mixture, post hole digger teeth, post hole digger parts and poling rig machines. If you need any replacement for your rotary drilling equipment, just place an order with us. Sample our vast range of auger teeth and auger rock bits amongst other tools that we are providing to the market. 

Appropriate tools are essential for a machine function properly. These parts have to be sturdy and long-lasting to prevent regular visits and additional costs after making a purchase. For this reason, JYF Machinery manufactures, designs, and develops state-of-the-art products from high-quality raw materials.

Here are some of the products that our company manufactures

Rotary Drilling Tools

As much as rotary drilling lessens the workload for people, the machines used require ultimate care. Aside from the engine and the rotary, you also need to take special care of the rock drill bits to avoid extensive damage to your machinery. JYF Machinery designs and manufactures rock drilling as well as foundation tools such as rock drill bits with high-end materials to ensure that your borehole or oil well is dug correctly.

Bridges and a broad range of other structures cannot be supported by foundational underpinnings or the foundation without proper foundation drilling tools. More often than not, these buildings collapse without giving away any indications, whether before construction is over or, in some instances, after the building has been occupied. JYF Machinery produces steel casings, which are vital for foundation drilling and setting up micro piles.

Not all drilling needs are the same, as such, our company also manufactures high-quality drilling tools for your ideal construction requirements. We also design and produce auger parts, which come in different shapes and sizes. Our attachments are a perfect fit for your machine and are built to exact standards using modern, durable, state-of-the-art materials. We also design and manufacture auger rock bits and teeth for clean cuts through the surface during construction drilling. Here are some of the machines that our parts fit into.

Machines Compatible with our Parts

There are various rock types, and almost each of them requires a different approach when drilling. The product above might be ideal for soft rock drilling, but the deeper you dig, the more your need for a drilling bucket for hard ground will intensify. Drilling buckets also fit many tools designed and manufactured by our company. JYF Machinery produces products that can fit into rock augers for all your rock drilling needs.

Our tools fit into your core barrel with ease for proper core boring and play a significant role in Continuous Flight Augers or CFA. This process is among the most delicate during construction drilling, but our tools are built to ensure that the boring is done effortlessly without any damage to the machines. Our tools will also fit into your core ring system as well as your pipe shoes to ensure the building is supported either from the top or the bottom.

In some instances, construction companies underestimate the ideal foundation size for a building. As such, JYF Machinery manufactures and designs products that can fit into most belling tools for proper base enlargement. Our products also match your casing boring requirements and efficiently merge your twisters and shoes for efficient drilling.

A List of Some of the Top Brands Compatible with our Parts

There has been a significant increase in the number of companies producing construction machines over the last few years. However, not all machinery brands are compatible with all of our parts. As far as augers are concerned, the best brands to use with our parts include McMillen, Belltec, Skid Steer, Home Depo, Groundhog, Premier, Danuser, Cat, Pengo, Rock, and Bobcat.

While these companies might be famous, some such as Bobcat, which was invented in 1947 and has millions of products all around the world, are more popular. Our parts are also compatible with Fortune 500 and international brands such as Lowes and German-based Bauer Group. The latter produces drilling and piling rigs as well as wall and trencher cutters, which are all compatible with our parts. Our parts also fit drilling and piling rigs designed and manufactured by companies such as Rotary, Klemm, Sanyi, LIEBHERR, MAIT, TMT, and Soilmec. Some of these companies, such as Klemm (1926), have been in existence for many years and are still producing dozens of cutting-edge machineries. Regarding cutter soil mixing, we are proud to announce that our parts work exemplary well with XCMG machinery.

In Closing

As showcased above, our products are trusted by some of the best machinery companies in the world. This trust is as a result of the high-quality raw materials that we use in their production, which ensure that the parts serve you efficiently and for an extended period.