Scraper blade 248 for asphalt milling fitting to Wirtgen milling machine

Scraper blade 248 for asphalt milling fitting to Wirtgen milling machine

Scraper blade 248 for asphalt milling fitting to Wirtgen milling machine

The road milling tools from JYF Machinery have the following features:

Tungsten carbide:

pressing and sintering by high-quality double-crystal carbide selected by our company, which could maintain good welding properties and wear resistance, as well as having a higher impact resistance.

Steel body:

made by high-quality raw materials – steel material. After the heat treatment process, the original high-quality steel material could be forged to high-performance equipment materials, with hardness up to 51-55HRC and impact toughness above 60J. This material has good ductility and hardness, and has effects of overcoming extreme conditions.

Braze welding:

welding techniques are introduced from Northern Europe, allowing the interpenetration of alloy and alloy composition in steel body, achieving high welding strength.

Applied model:

Wirtgen milling machine:

Wirtgen w150, wirtgen 500, wirtgen w100, wirtgen w130f, wirtgen w100f, wirtgen w2200, wirtgen w1500, wirtgen w1900, wirtgen w2000, wirtgen w50, wirtgen w210i, wirtgen w200, wirtgen w2100, wirtgen w120f

Caterpillar cold planer:

Cat pm102, cat pm200, caterpillar pm620, caterpillar pm622

Bitelli milling machines:

Bitelli sf 102, bitelli sf 101, bitelli sf 60, bitelli sf 202, bitelli sf 150, bitelli sf 200

Roadtec milling machine:

Roadtec rx-100e, roadtec rx-300e/ex, roadtec rx-600e/ex, roadtec rx-700e/ex, roadtec rx-900e/ex

Bomag milling machine:

Bomag bm 600, bomag bm 500, bomag bm 2200, bomag bm 1500, bomag bm 1300, bomag bm 1000, bomag bm 1200, bomag bm 2000

Dynapac milling machine:

Dynapac pl 350, dynapac pl 1000, dynapac pl 500, dynapac pl 2000

The types of JYF Machinery’s Road milling holder including:

Kennametal style:

Toolholder:C10AMC, C10AM/LG, C10HD, C10LG, C10, C10H, KPF301 Base, KPF303R Sleeve, QC100 Base, QC110B Base, QC110HD, QC110H, 3044EC,3046EC,3048EC,3044KP,3046KP,3048KP

Tooth holder: SLB01, C87RL, CM10AMC/LG, C87HDS, C87E

CM41, CM42, CMB4 Block, CM61, CM63, CM65, CMB6 Block, CMB6L Block

CH31SR, AR30C Block, AR350T, AR350ST, AR35 Block, RC01, KCBL Tine, KCBR Tine, AR150, C87B Block, KB250, AR150, KBB250, KB250S

Wirtgen Style:

Tooth holder: HT11-R 199001 D22, HT11-R 187003 D20, HT3-R 198001 D22, HT3-R 198000 D20, HT01 40000276 D20, HT02 40000277 D20, HT22 2198001 D20, HT5 plus 194362 D20, Edge protector 3-way 69902 D20