Stump Grinder

Teeth/Cutter for Stump Grinder

Stump Grinders or Stump Cutters are some of the conventional equipment widely used in both commercial and domestic setting. It is a type of equipment that removes tree stumps by grinding the stump and the roots into small chips. They have incredible power and works great for cleaning dead tree stumps. When in its best condition, it will take you only a matter minutes to dig out a stump. It’s also imperative to note that stump grinders can be applied to excavators, tractors and other construction equipment.


Stump grinders come in different sizes depending on the use. You will find small sizes mostly used for lawn mowing and large sizes for bigger tasks such as clearing huge stumps. They also come in different brands. Among the reputable stump grinder brands include Case, Barreto, Case Davis, Vermeer, Ditch Witch, Astec, Lowe, Groundhog, Davis, Bradco, Bobcat and Toro just to mention a few. But the working mechanism or the principle of operation is the same regardless of the size and brand. A typical stump cutter or grinder incorporates a cutter wheel with fixed carbide teeth.  It makes use of the hydraulic cylinders to control the cutter wheel movement by pushing the cutter head laterally through the stump and to lower and raise it.

As mentioned above, stump grinder requires regular maintenance for higher efficiency since they are labour intensive equipment. Active parts of the equipment, particularly the teeth are prone to wear and tear. That’s why at JYF MACHINERY, we are here to provide you with high quality and affordable stump grinder parts. We are proud of being one of the most established companies in China capable of not only manufacturing stump grinder parts but also to supply and sell to our customers. We manufacture stump grinder teeth and other stump grinder parts essential for efficient operation of this equipment.


With several years in the industry, we have managed to diversify in terms of stump grinder brands. We manufacture, supply and sell stump cutter parts for all reputable stump grinder brands. Whether you are looking for stump grinder teeth used on Vermeer, Rayco, Greenteeth, Toro, Dosko, Yellow Jacket, Carlton, Praxis, Bluebird, DR, Predator, Multi Tip Greenteeth or any other brand; then, we are the guys to go. With all these stump grinder brands in the store, JYF MACHINERY makes it easy for customers owning equipment from different brands by providing a one-stop shop.

The Brazing Tungsten Carbide

We’re committed to helping our customers get the best out of their stump grinders.  To achieve this, we have designed different shapes of stump grinder teeth that enhance your equipment performance by increasing its grinding speed and efficiency. For instance, we have a bunch of stump grinder teeth ATWT styles such as the Left with 1 carbide tip, ‘Neutral’ left with 1 carbide tip and ‘Bent’ right with 1 carbide tip amongst others, which have significantly enhanced the performance of the equipment.


At JYF MACHINERY, we are also committed to improving our customers’ experience and satisfaction while at the same time attaching great importance to our products. We are customer oriented, and that is our core ethos. We aim at providing our customers with nothing but the best quality stump grinder teeth and stump grinder parts. From the raw material to the last stages of production, our products are passed through quality assessment tests to ensure that customers get only the best from us. Our stump grinder teeth are made from high-quality cemented-carbide (raw material), and that’s why they possess exceptional hardness, superior resistance and high grinding performance.


We have our own factory, and thus customers can buy out stump grinder teeth and other products from us directly. Buy from us and enjoy economic benefits of dealing with the manufacturer directly. We also invite customers to come physically to see what we do and sample some of the products that JYF MACHINERY is offering.


We offer some of the best prices that you can find on the market. Our products are sold at a friendly but competitive price without compromising on the quality. Our stump grinder teeth are relatively inexpensive, but the quality is one of the best you can get in the market. We have a vast range of stump cutter teeth collection from all the major brands on the market, and that’s why we refer to ourselves as your one stop shop for all your stump grinder teeth needs. Buy from us, and we never disappoint in both the quality of the stump grinding teeth/parts and our services.