How To Tell Your Mulcher Teeth Need Replacement


How To Tell Your Mulcher Teeth Need Replacement

How To Tell Your Mulcher Teeth Need Replacement

Now that you are working with forestry mulcher, how do you tell that its teeth need to be replaced? Well, this one area that most operators, especially the newbies, finds very difficult to discern. But it’s never that difficult as it sounds. If you have never done this before, this article will explain to you some of the key symptoms of a mulcher tooth that needs a replacement. The following signs can help tell if the teeth need to be replaced:

·         Chipped or Broken

This sign does not require any expertise to identify. You can easily identify the problem and make the necessary replacement. In most cases, teeth would be broken at the edge since it’s the most exposed parts.  In some cases, the teeth would be chipped or just cracked but will make it difficult for the mulcher to work. In such cases, it will be necessary to make a replacement to ensure that your equipment is working at properly.

·         Wear Line

This is another sign that you mulcher teeth are worn off and may need a replacement. But this is not a sign that is obvious to the naked eye or even feel with fingertips. You need to have the teeth cleaned and bright light to see some these lines. In some cases, sunlight may be enough to see these lines. If you notice the lines on any of the teeth, you should consider replacing them immediately. Otherwise, the next thing would be chipping.

·         Increased Resistance

Another way that you can realize that your equipment’s teeth may need replacement is by experiencing resistance. When a mulcher is new, it clears land and vegetation swiftly with little resistance or none. This is when teeth are new and sharp. If you feel that the machine is experiencing resistance while clearing the same type of vegetation, then you need check teeth since they could have worn off already.

·         Burning Teeth

Teeth are designed to cut and clear vegetation with a lot of ease. There should be less friction since teeth they are made sharp enough to cut any vegetation. If you find that mulcher teeth are heating more than they should, then this would automatically mean they are becoming blunt. At this point, the teeth must have also worn off, and they only way out are to do a replacement with a new one. With this done, the mulching equipment should start working normally.

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