These Tips will keep Your Fecon Parts New for Long


These Tips will keep Your Fecon Parts New for Long

When it comes to investing in Fecon parts, the most important thing that you should look for is value for money. Although the quality to the teeth, based on the material used, is one of the key elements to be considered when it comes to value for money, it may not be enough to help you get the best out of your parts including Fecon teeth. There are various tips that can help you get the best out of your machine.

After you have invested in quality Fecon parts, such as Fecon teeth, there are various ways that you can keep their condition in the best condition possible. Here are tips that you should apply and you will see your auger teeth last for long:

Proper Application

Proper application of the wear parts is critical in determining their rate at which they wear down. Whether they are Fecon mulcher teeth or other parts, you should always understand that they are made for specific conditions. One of the major causes of the high rate of machine wear parts wears down is an improper application. Make sure that you are using these wear parts for the intended purposes. Exposure to extremely hard conditions than they are made for is what reads in increased wear down.  Ensure that you are using the right teeth for the right task. That way, you will quickly hit maximum or peak performance with you auger tip.

Regular Cleaning and Sharpening

The first thing that you must always avoid is that you don’t get to a point where the teeth get dull and blunt. That’s because it is one of the of the major reasons why your teeth won’t be working as they should. However, most of these problems are caused by the exposure of the Fecon to hard conditions. Do regular cleaning of the parts and more so Fecon teeth to remove sticky material that could be slowing the cutting efficiency of the teeth. For blunt or dull tooth tips, regularly sharpening to restore its original sharpness for better performance.


Repairing your teeth on a regular basis is another way that you can help them retain their original condition. Fecon parts repairs could be anything from fixing faulty parts such as cracks. Repairs should be done regularly to prevent a situation where you will be required to make replacements. However, if the elements such as Fecon Tooth are worn down to a point where even repairs cannot fix them, then you should consider making a replacement.

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