Tips for Maintaining Asphalt Milling machine Teeth

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Tips for Maintaining Asphalt Milling machine Teeth

Tips for Maintaining Asphalt Milling machine Teeth

One major problem with asphalt milling machine is failing teeth. Due to the kind of work that the machines do, asphalt milling teeth are prone to a high rate of wear and tear. The main problem that most operators struggle with is maintaining the teeth for longer use. But there are a few things that you must adhere to even before we come to the teeth maintenance. The material that teeth are made from should come first. We recommend that the teeth should be made from carbide and not any form of carbide but tungsten carbide. The material is extremely hard and comes with high wear resistant features.

Here are some of the key measures that will help you get the best out of your milling teeth:

Avoid thermal Overload

This is one of the major causes of wear and tear in asphalt milling teeth. It is also a widespread problem with young operators. Thermal overload is mostly caused by hitting of hard surfaces such as steel reinforcement or drainage covers. As a result, teeth are exposed to very high temperature and if they do not have the impact resistant feature, then they will definitely break. To avoid this, you must ensure that whenever the machine is working under such condition, enough water is supplied to cool the teeth and also to soften the surface.

Replace the Carbide Tip Often

In most cases, asphalt milling machine teeth come with a carbide tip on their teeth. It is a common practice that’s widely used in the in keeping milling teeth at an affordable rate. Such teeth work best when it comes to less tough places. But with time, the carbide tip will start wearing off, and the best way that you can go about it is having it replaced. This trick will keep your road milling machine at peak efficiency for longer and for cheap.

Regular Maintenance

When you mention asphalt milling teeth, many other aspects may affect their operation indirectly. The rotation of the drum and the state of the teeth holders are two key things that should be looked at carefully. If the drum is not rotating, then it is the teeth that feel the heat. If the teeth holder is wearing off, the teeth will not be firm enough to remove the pavements. This will lead to overall fall of machine’s performance. So give these parts regular maintenance to enhance your milling teeth a longer lifespan.

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