TMC Cancela: Main Products They Offer

TMC Cancela: Main Products They Offer

TMC Cancela is a brand that has been around for many years and built a reputation from the huge collection of the products they produce. But they have not just been producing a range of machines but also high-quality machines. How much do you know about the TMC Cancela products and what’s exciting about them?

Well, in this guide, we are going to look at some of the products that you can get from TMC Cancela. These are products that can change how you work and the quality of the work if done properly. Check out the following:

Agricultural Machines

One of the products you will find at TMC Cancela is a range of agricultural machines. The company has been producing some of the most powerful mulcher heat attachments for agricultural purposes. They have a huge range of mulching heads that you can select from, with every type coming with a model of different mechanical power, working width and weight. Some of the popular mulching heads include TPL -090, TPN-140, TPS, TGL and many others. You can visit their online store to see the variety of agricultural machines they are offering.

Stone Crushers

Another set of products that TMC Cancela is providing to the market is a range of stone crushers. From the horsepower ranges, working width and weight, there are so many varieties that you can select from. Among the most popular models of the stone crushers from the company includes TXM 220D, TXK-180 and TXX-250, among many others. They all offer kinds of sizes that you can select from.


Another category of TMC Cancela that is offering is a range of forestry machines. There are so many mulching head attachments for forestry use. In fact, you will be impressed by the range of horsepower that ranges from as low as 50 to the high of 400 HP. That’s how powerful this collection is. The other thing you will like about this collection is the range of working width and the weight these machines come with. Some of the models of forestry mulchers that the company is offering include TFS-200, TFJ-150, TFS2-180 and many others.


TMC Cancela also boasts of an expansive collection of mulcher excavator. You need to visit their hydraulic store and see the range of excavator mulchers they are offering. They come in a range of sizes ranging from 1.5 to 15 tonnage. Some of the popular mulcher excavators include THA-050, THL-100, THG-120, and so many others.

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