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Trencher Teeth

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Trencher Teeth

Trencher teeth include Trencher teeth, bobcat trencher parts, bobcat teeth, vermeer trencher teeth, ditch witch teeth and so on

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Tungsten carbide:

Adopts dual grain structure tungsten Carbide, had higher strength, toughness and wear resistance is better.

Steel body:

The steel body is forging by special made wear-resistant alloy steel with the hardness of the front part of the steel body up to 51-53HRC, strengthening the protection of the tungsten carbide teeth to lengthen the lifetime of the Trencher teeth.

Braze welding:

Welding techniques are introduced from Northern Europe, allowing the interpenetration of alloy and alloy composition in steel body, achieving high welding strength.

Clamping sleeve:

By adopting the strengthening and toughening, the clamping sleeve will not deform in the construction process, saving the time of the constructor to replace the Trencher teeth.



The types of our company's trencher parts, trencher teeth Block & holder including:


TRENCHER TEETH: C3KBF, RS12, RS19, RS14, RS16, RS18, SR01, SR02, SR03, SR04, SM01, SM02, SM06, SM03, SM04, SM07

Trencher parts, Block & holder: SLB01, C87RL, CM10AMC/LG, C87HDS, C87E

CM41, CM42, CMB4 Block, CM61, CM63, CM65, CMB6 Block, CMB6L Block

CH31SR,AR30C Block,AR350T,AR350ST,AR35 Block,RC01,KCBL Tine, KCBR Tine,AR150 ,C87B Block,KB250,AR150,KBB250,KB250S


BM84, BM44,BM76, BM11, BM10, BM46, BFZ158, BFZ233, BM56,BM55,BM82, BM60, BTR01, BSM16, BC01, BC15, BC61, BC44, BC79, BC36, BTK20, BTK89, BTK122, BTK114, BKS151, BKS163, BKS165, BKS183, BKS182, BKF26, BKF24, BKF30, BKF40, BKF45, BKF41, BKF42, BKF24H, BKF49H ETC.



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We have our own trencher teeth factory, and customers are welcome to buy our trencher teeth at wholesale. Our parts are relatively inexpensive, but of the utmost quality. Our main products include: Trencher teeth, bobcat teeth, vermeer trencher teeth, ditch witch teeth and so on