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JYFMACHINERY Manufactures and supplies  trencher wear parts including VERMEER, DITCH WITCH, CASE, BARRETO, CASE DAVIS, ASTEC, LOWE, BRADCO, BOBCAT, GROUNDHOG, DAVIS, , TORO and other style trencher replacement teeth, trencher chain, trencher parts Used on Vermeer, ditch witch, case, barreto, case davis, astec, lowe, bradco, bobcat, groundhog, davis, , toro trencher.
Ditching machine (trencher) is a new kind of ditching device that is highly efficient and functional. It consists mainly of power system, deceleration system, transmission system, and soil separation system. The diesel engine enables the forward and backward linear motions of the diching machine by transferring the rotary movement to the clutch through the belt, which then drives the transmission gearbox, drive shaft, rear axle, and etc. Ditching machines (trenchers) can be divided into chain ditching machine and disc ditching machine.

JYF MACHINERY- For Quality and Affordable Trencher Wear Parts

In the last few decades, technology has advanced significantly and more so when it comes to mechanization. It goes without saying that machines have quickly replaced human in all sectors especially in the labor-intensive activities. Among the machines that have seen incredible transformation are the trenchers or the Ditching Machines. These are equipment used to dig trenches. They are very versatile in the application in that they can be used in different ways. They can be used in the construction sector for drainage systems, digging trenches for laying pipes and electrical cables, farming industry for digging water canals, planting trenches and tilling the land, landscaping and also in preparation for trench warfare. 

Trenchers vary in size and are also available in a variety of brands. Among the most reputable companies includes Astec, Vermeer, Davis, Ground Hog, Auburn, Parsons, Burkeen, Toro, Bradco, OEM, Ditch Witch, Bobcat, Lowe, Barreto, and Tesmec amongst others. One thing that engineers will tell is that trenchers are not complicated as they look. They are just a combination of trencher wear part that makes them work effectively. Among the key trencher wear parts includes trencher chain, trencher teeth and other replacement parts which are readily available on the market. But you need to buy from a reputable manufacturer since some of these parts may be fake or low quality. 

At JYF MACHINERY, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers of trencher parts. Having been in the manufacturing industry for more than a decade, we are among the most established companies in China specializing in this form of manufacturing. We specialize in the production of trench parts, trencher chains, and trencher teeth. What makes us unique from the competition is our capacity to manufacture trencher wear parts for almost all the reputable trencher brands on the market. Our vast collection of products is incomparable to any of our competitors, and that’s why we have managed to remain relevant and the best if not the only option in the industry. Just sample our vast range of products, and you will be impressed. 

JYF MACHINERY is customer oriented, and that has remained as our core ethos. By this, we have been able to improve and maintain very high standard in matters quality. We will never compromise the quality of our products with anything. We understand very well that quality product starts from raw materials, manufacturing process to the packaging. That’s why we use only the best quality cemented-carbide for exceptional cutting performance, hardness, and superior resistance to meet our customer needs. Our manufacturing process is done under strict quality control to ensure absolute hardness and durability of the trencher parts. That’s why we have managed to remain relevant in this industry. 

Over the years we’ve strived to be a one-stop shop for all our customers’ needs. That’s why we have expanded our manufacturing capacity by producing parts for all the major and reputable companies. Ask for any of the major brands, and we will instantly supply it to you. Whether you are looking for Astec, Auburn, Parsons, Burkeen, Toro, Bobcat, Lowe, Barreto, Vermeer, Davis, Ground Hog, Bradco, OEM, Ditch Witch or Tesmec trencher wear parts; we’re the best choice of suppliers for you. So if you are looking for Vermeer trencher teeth or chain, Ditch Witch replacement parts or OEM TRENCHER parts, we are your best choice. We offer a vast range of products each of the brand’s parts and different sizes for every equipment's needs. That’s why we can confidently say that we are one of the best one-stop shops for all your trencher wear parts needs. 

We operate our own trencher parts factory, and thus our customers are free to visit us and buy our products at wholesale. Our products are relatively inexpensive without compromising on the quality in any way. We provide our products direct to the customers that’s how you will save massively by buying from us. So whether you are looking for trencher replacement teeth, trencher chain or any other trencher wear part used on any of the major brands, JYF MACHINERY is your best option. For bulk buyers, we will have the items delivered to your place of choice and within time. Visit us and sample the vast range of trencher products that we are providing.