Teeth/Holder/Block for Trencher

If you are trenching, the importance trencher teeth cannot be under-emphasized. As the saying goes, a trencher is as good as the teeth. You can have the best trenching equipment for a job in terms of specifications and horsepower but without clean cutting teeth, the equipment will never give the desired outcome. By being the part that does the actual cutting work, it should be given extra attention to ensure an efficient running of the machine. Fortunately, you can easily make replacements of faulty or worn out teeth when necessary. However, the infiltration of substandard products in the market is making it difficult to get quality trencher teeth replacement, especially for the first-time buyers.


At JYFMACHINERY, we are filling in the gap by providing high-quality trencher teeth to the market. We manufacture and supply trencher teeth fitting all trencher models on the market. Having had been in this industry for some time, we have built an impeccable reputation due to the quality and vast collection trencher parts. We manufacture trencher teeth fitting Ditch Witch, Toro, Lowe, Bradco, Vermeer, Groundhog, Davis, Astec, and Bobcat amongst other brands. So if you need Ditch Witch trench teeth, Toro trench teeth, Lowe trench teeth, Bradco trench teeth, Vermeer trench teeth, Groundhog trench teeth, Davis trench teeth, Astec trench teeth or Bobcat trench teeth replacements, then we have a vast range of teeth to select from.

As a customer-oriented company, all our products are aimed at improving user’s experience. That’s why we are committed to producing nothing but the best quality trencher teeth the market can offer. From the raw material to the manufacturing processes, the quality of our products is one of the best in the market. We use Tungsten carbide as the raw material. This type of carbide is popular due to its impressive features such as high wear resistance, higher strength, and toughness. With these features, you can rest assured that out trencher teeth will serve you better and for longer compared to most of the competition.


Whichever the model of the trencher you are using, JYFMACHINERY is the answer to all your trencher teeth replacement needs. We have all teeth types of teeth that you may need. From the small trenchers to larger trenchers, we have it all. Also, for those using a few brands, then we are providing you with a one-stop shop for all your needs. Whether you are looking for a Lowe trench tooth, Bradco trench teeth, Vermeer trench teeth, Ditch Witch trench teeth, Toro trench teeth, Groundhog trench teeth, Davis trench teeth, Bobcat trench teeth or Astec trench teeth replacements, just place an order with us.

JYFMACHINERY is one of most established companies in China which specializes in manufacturing and supplying of trencher teeth and other parts. We produce and sell trencher teeth for all major trencher models in the market. For us, quality is king we will never compromise it with anything. We use cemented -carbide as the raw material for exceptional cutting performance. We have our factory where customers are welcome to visit and sample our vast collection trencher teeth. Our products are inexpensive but of the exceptional quality.