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Wood Shredder and Grinder Wear Parts for Waste Recycling

Tungsten Carbide Alloy Particle Surfacing

Tungsten carbide cemented carbide is a material widely common in the construction of cutting tools, cutting tools, knives, drilling tools, and wear-resistant parts. The material has many incredible properties such as high hardness, strength, wear-resistance, and corrosion resistance. So, these properties make it the go-to material for manufacturing products exposed to rough conditions such as milling bits.
The tungsten carbide alloy particle surfacing process enables the tungsten carbide particles to be evenly distributed in the surfacing layer. Welding tungsten carbide alloy particles improve the wear-resistance layer of even ordinary metals that cannot withstand harsh conditions.
The high hardness, impact resistance, and strength characteristics of this material improve the service life of the workpiece. The improvement also effectively reduces the maintenance cost due to reduced wear and tear.

Tungsten Carbide Alloy Particle Surfacing Process

The tungsten carbide alloy particle surfacing process uniformly disperses tungsten carbide particles on the wear-resistant surfacing layer from top to bottom. Tungsten carbide particles will not precipitate at the bottom of the surfacing layer, and the wear-resistant effect will be stronger after cooling.
During the surfacing process, tungsten carbide cemented carbide particles exist independently. Then, the tungsten carbide alloy particles are put into the molten pool of welding wire that does not contain tungsten carbide. However, the whole process has no effect on the burning of large particles of tungsten carbide.

Application of Tungsten Carbide Alloy Particle Overlay Welding Technology

The hard-facing technology can well protect the hard alloy wear-resistant parts and prolong the service life of the parts at the same time. In addition to that, it increases parts’ wear resistance. Here are some of the fields where the application of hard-surface surfacing technology is common.

Waste recycling: shredder cutter disc, briquetting, shovel plate

Agriculture and forestry: forestry loosening knives, agricultural machinery knives, plows, rotary tiller blades

Oil drilling and mining: oil drill pipe picks, drill bits, drill pipes, coal drill bits, air drill bits, spiral blades, plus other mining accessories

Power Plant: Grinding Discs, Grinding Rolls

JYF Machinery focuses on the R&D and application of wear-resistant technology and has a variety of surface strengthening technologies. We boast of rich experience in tungsten carbide cemented carbide particle surfacing and tungsten carbide alloy brazing. We are able to provide our customers with solutions for various types of wear-resistant needs. If you have this requirement, please consult us!