What’s Tub Grinder and the Primary features to consider?

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What’s Tub Grinder and the Primary features to consider?

What’s Tub Grinder and the Primary features to consider?

Tub grinders are special kind of machines used in the wood recycling industry. They are aptly named for the distinctive in feed hopper (large round tub) which is normally 10” to 14“ in diameter and roughly 6” deep. Most of these pieces of equipment are powered by diesel engines but in rare cases, you might find electrically powered options. One thing that stands out from these machines is an incredible power. Depending on the task, these machines’ horsepower ranges from 200’s to as high as 1200 in some of the largest machines.

Tub grinder is designed on very simple principles of operation. At the bottom of the tub is a cylindrical; shaped hammer which is the primary grinding mechanism in the machine. Tub grinder teeth will then do the work of breaking wood chips into smaller sizes. It does not matter the brand. Whether you are using Olathe tub grinder, Diamond z tub grinder, Toro tub grinder or any other brand, the principle of operation is the same. But which are the primary features to look out for while shopping for tub grinder? Well, we have rounded up some of the key features to consider:

Tub and Hammermill Size

These are very important factors to consider for several reasons. First, it will be much easier to feed a larger tub and that means that you will definitely get much more production if the tub and the hammermill are larger. The reasoning behind this is that it will be much easier to feed in raw material in a larger tub as compared to a small one. So make sure that the diameter of both the top and the bottom of the tub are large enough. Hammermill is one of the major tub grinder parts whose size determines the amount of production realized.


The power of the machine is in horsepower. Whether you are using Olathe tub grinder, Toro tub grinder, Diamond z tub grinder or any other brand, the standard measure of the strength of the grinder is in horsepower.  So if you need a machine that can give larger production then you need to for a higher horsepower. Most industrial tub grinders range around 400 horsepower to as much as 1200. You have a wide choice to choose from.


What will you use to load the machine? The best way to go about it is by having a mounted grapple. It provides convenient that is much needed in grinding sites. It’s the best alternative, especially where extra loaders of excavators are perceived to be expensive or inconvenient.

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