Why Forestry Mulcher?

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Why Forestry Mulcher?

Why Forestry Mulcher?

This could look like an obvious question, but not many can provide three or four concrete answers to it. Why forestry mulcher and not any other clearing and cutting equipment? Well, if you own a mulcher, you can easily identify a few benefits of using it. In this article, we are going to look into some of the major reasons why you should invest in a forestry mulcher.

Flexibility and versatility

If you are looking for a piece of equipment that provides extreme versatility and flexibility; then, you have one in a forestry mulcher. This is a type of equipment that can be used on a vast range of clearing activities with just minimal adjustments. All you may need to change is the head attachment or the teeth to work on different surface or foliage. Mulchers can be used on a vast range of surfaces such as slopes, tight areas, wet surfaces, or poor ground. Modern mulching can also be used on any kind of weather including wet or snowy grounds.

Weed and Erosion Suppression

This is one of the advantages that most people do not realize about mulchers. It is a fact that most of the mulchers are used in the agriculture sector and more so by the large scale farmers. As a farmer, weed and erosion are two major threats to your crops’ yield. But with the use of mulching equipment, this will never be a problem anymore. The machine works by adding up layers of mulch on the surface thus suppressing the growth weed and also stabilizing the soil from erosion. This reduces not only the cost of crop production but also improves the fertility of your land. This will have  appositive impact on you production cost.

Less Expensive

You cannot compare mulching with the traditional methods of land clearing. Apart from just being a modernized technology, there are numerous advantages that it adds to the farmer. One of the main advantages is reduced cost. It is far much less expensive compared to the traditional methods. One major factor that has contributed to is the quality of teeth. For instance, if your machine is using FAE mulcher teeth, QUADCO teeth or FECON mulcher teeth, then it will effortlessly clear any piece of land with within a very short time. This also reduces the cost of the fuel and more so the amount of time used.

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