Wood Chipper

Blades/Knives/Teeth for Wood Chipper

Wood chipping is without doubt one of the toughest waste wood processing jobs. That is why wood chipping specialists advise that you get a powerful wood chipping machine for these kind tasks. In addition to a powerful wood chipper, you also need to have the best quality chipper blades for your machine. That is because you could be chipping tree limbs and other tough woods. However, to get the right teeth, especially for your replacement needs, you need to select a good supplier.  At JYF MACHINERY, we boast of being among the most reputable aftermarket chipper knives manufacturers and suppliers.

At JYF Machinery, we have been around since 2013. Over the years, we have earned the trust of the wood processing industry due to the quality of our tools. We are producing high quality wood chipper tools that fits all the major brands in the market. That is one of the reasons that set us apart from most of the competing after-market products. But there are many reasons why we have stood out as your best suppliers of wood chipper knives.

First, we have one of the most advanced factories in terms of technology. Having gotten into the market in 2013, we were able to invest in the most advanced equipment for our factory. Our production consists of state of the art equipment such as state of the art CNC machining centers amongst others. The entire production process is equipped with the best equipment to ensure quality output. In fact, our chipper blades for sale compete with big brands such as King Kong tools amongst others. That is because of the quality that we are offering.

Over the year that we have been in the market, we have built a reputation as one of the reliable supplier of wood chipper blades for sale. That is because our production is customer oriented. We aim at producing machine wood chipper wear parts that will change the experience of our buyers completely. Therefore, we have committed to invest not only in quality equipment but also in the research work to know what customer wants as well what would work for them. That is why we continually evaluate the quality of our raw material. That ensures we are always supplying the best quality wood chippers blades to buyers.

We are using the highest grade raw material for our machine parts. For all our wood chipper cutter tools, we are using the highest grade of steel and tungsten carbide material. For wood chipper knives, we are using alloy steel for the body while the tip is the highest grade of tungsten carbide. These are two materials known for their high strength and hardness properties. They are referred to due to their high performance, productivity, and durability. That is why promise that our wood chipper blades for sale offer one of the best cutting performance and durable.

We also offer customized wood chipper blades for the clients that are working in a condition that the standard wood chipper knives can’t deliver. So if you are chipping abrasive wood, we are offering various services to enhance wood chipper performance. We have various services including tungsten hardfacing, brazing tungsten carbide, hot and cold forging, and heat treatment to enhance tool hardness. All these are extra services that we are offering to machine users looking for tools with high strength and hardness.

Another reason why JYF MACHINERY is the best places for all your wood chipper knives needs is the vast range of brands that we produce for. We are producing aftermarket chipper blade for almost all the major brand like Doppstadt wood chipper, Bandit Beast, Duratech, JENZ, Hammel, Morbark, Vermeer, Willibald and CBI amongst many other brands. Apart from blades, we are also offering a range of parts for these machines. Check out wood chipper hammers, wood chipper blade tips, etc., we have all your problems solved.

We are one of China’s most established companies with a specialty in manufacturing and supplying wood chipper replacement wear parts. We have our own wood chipper blade factory where customers are free to visit, sample and buy our products. Our products are available at a friendly price but of the highest quality standard in the market. Customers are free to visit our factory and buy products at a wholesale price.