Wear Parts for Tub and Horizontal Grinders, Including Tips, Inserts and Hammers, Apply to CBI, Morbark, Diamond Z, Peterson, Vermeer

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Wood Shredder and Grinder Wear Parts for Waste Recycling

Tub and Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts

JYF Machinery produces high-quality  grinder wear parts  for  tub and horizontal grinder, and other waste treatment equipment. The parts include carbide cutting tools (blade, knife, cutter, tips, inserts, teeth), hammers (fixed & swing), cutter bars, wear plates, clamping wedge, adapter, and tools holder. Our Cutting tools and wear parts are designed to meet demanding needs of processing, systems for recycling, wood waste, biomass energy, landscaping, landfills, land clearing, composting, asphalt shingle recycling, and waste disposal systems.

What are Tub and Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts?

Tub and Horizontal grinder wear parts are replaceable components used in the grinding of wood materials, including trees, branches, and logs. These parts are essential in maintaining the optimal performance of shredders and grinders, which are commonly used in the forestry, landscaping, and wood processing industries.

Materials Used to Produce Tub and Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts

Our wear parts for wood grinders are manufactured from high-quality materials such as carbide, steel, and other alloys to ensure durability, strength, and longevity. These parts include grinder tips, carbide teeth, tub grinder hammer, blades, anvils, cutters, screens, and holder.

Shredder Parts for Doppstadt Shredder Waste Recycling
tub and horizontal grinder wear parts

Applicable Brands and Equipment

JYF Machinery provides cost-effective solutions tailored for customers to keep their waste treatment and biomass business running normally. We manufacture various types of grinder wear parts for tub grinders and horizontal grinders etc, that are suitable for the following brands of waste disposal equipment. such as CBI, Morbark, Diamond Z, Peterson, Vermeer and more. Note that the products listed on the website are only our selected products. Please contact us if you can’t find the product you want on the website!

What is A Wood Grinder

Grinders can handle a variety of materials, including logs, whole trees, brushes, forestry residue, sorted pallets, waste, agricultural products, and shingles. They can also create a variety of end-products, including chips, colored mulch, playground cushions, fine- texture fiber, and compost. The most widely used grinding machines are tub grinders and horizontal grinders.

Wood shredder and tub grinder
tub and horizontal wood grinder

Forging Process for Manufacturing Grinder Wear Parts

At JYF Machinery, we use the latest forging technology to produce high-quality grinder wear parts that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our experienced engineers and technicians work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs and requirements and design wear parts that meet or exceed their specifications.