About Us

About us

Found in 2013, WenZhou JYF Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd has grown to be one of the most established companies in China specializing in the manufacturing of engineering machinery wear parts. For the few years that we have been in the industry, we have built an impeccable reputation due to the quality of wear parts that we have been churning out to the market. Today we are one of China’s most reputable manufacturers, and suppliers of machine wear parts fitting to a vast range of machine brand names in the market.
JYF Machinery

Quality Control

We are a customer-oriented company driven by Machine Quality and Innovation as our philosophy. Our objective is to produce high-quality engineering machine wear parts that surpass users’ expectations. We work very hard to ensure that our customer experience a positive change whenever they make replacements without tools/ wear parts. We aspire to reduce our customers’ operating cost while at the same time improving their productivity, profit, and performance of their equipment. That’s why quality is king to us.

But we understand very well that quality can only be achieved by having the right raw material and manufacturing process. That’s why we have invested heavily in the quality raw material and cutting-edge technology. All JYF MACHINERY products are made from the highest grade material for exceptional sharpness, hardness, and maximum wear life.  We make use of the tungsten carbide (raw material) which is material that possesses incredible properties including extended high strength, wear resistance, durability and high impact resistance. This how we have been able to maintain and continually to improve the quality of our products.

First, we strictly control standards for our raw material procurement to ensure that every material the reaches our factory has complied with our requirements. This is how we have been able to maintain the quality of our products from the first day of production. Second, most of our production processes are automated to improve consistency and stability of product quality is maintained. Some of the automated processes include automated welding line and automated brazing line.

Third, we are working with a team of highly trained and experienced professions in the factory. That’s why we can design, manufacture and supply quality wear parts for all engineering machines. Our team of expert handles all kind of problems that may arise in the process and also help our customers make the right choice. Last but not the least is extensive research. JYF MACHINERY has established an exemplary research and development department that has been helping us with the latest technologies for improving the quality of wear parts.

At JYF MACHINERY, we are committed to ensuring that our customers continue enjoying top-notch quality from our factory. Our goal is to ensure our customers are getting the best out of their equipment by helping them reduce operating costs and downtime. We will continue researching and improving the quality of wear parts to ensure our customer gets only the best the market can offer. JYF MACHINERY products will be available at relatively inexpensive but of good quality. Customers are welcome to visit our factory and buy our products at a wholesale price.

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