Proceeding from customer needs, it ensures smooth connection of various processes, fast and efficient processing, and effective quality control

About JYF Machinery

Since its establishment in 2013, Zhejiang JYF Machinery Co., Ltd. has focused on Cutting Tools and Wear parts, committed to solving customer pain points and difficulties in cutting, crushing, and wear resistance, and doing its best to create more value for customers.

Our cutting tools and wear parts are widely used in forestry mulchers, rock crushers, agricultural soil tillage, stump cutters, wood grinders, wood shredder and wood chippers, pavement milling, foundation drilling, trencher, mining, and many other industries

JYF Machinery has continuously invested in technology and built a production line composed of CNC machining centers, turning-milling composite machining centers, automated welding systems, and other numerically controlled and automated equipment within two years.

The company has passed the ISO9001/2015 management system certification and has more than 20 inventions and utility model patents. We’ve also become the OEM parts supplier of many well-known mulchers, shredders, chippers, stone crushers, and milling machines manufacturers in Europe and the United States.


Our Advantage

One-Stop Solution:

We can provide customers with product design, mold design, forging molding, precision machining, and wear-resistant solutions. This allows our customers to customize tools and wear-resistant tools to uniquely suit a target market. Grinding accessories can help customers build brand products in the target market and gain more loyal users. Therefore, we have everything you need hence a one-stop solution for all your cutting and wear parts needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We focus on the development and application of wear-resistant technologies such as materials, heat treatment, precision machining, tungsten carbide cemented carbide brazing, and tungsten carbide cemented carbide particle surfacing. We have invested heavily in technical materials and cutting-edge technology, and strive to improve the strength, wear resistance, durability, and high impact resistance of our products. This effectively increases the service life of workpieces, reduces maintenance costs, and wins more economic benefits for our customers. You can, therefore, expect nothing but the best quality products.

Top-Notch Quality:

We manufacture cutting tools and wear parts in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard. We ensure that our alloy and material warehousing quality inspection before production. The processing size control during the production process and the finished product quality inspection before shipment can be strictly implemented. We are also controlling the purchase of raw materials.

The standards ensure that every material arriving at our factory meets our requirements. Secondly, we’ve automated most of our production processes to improve the consistency and stability of our products’ quality. Some automated processes include automatic surfacing and automatic brazing production lines. Such standardized production process control has enabled us to gain the favor of well-known European and American equipment manufacturers.

At JYF MACHINERY, we are committed to ensuring that our customers continue to enjoy the first-class quality of our factory. Our goal is to ensure that our customers make the most of their equipment. We achieve this by helping them reduce operating costs as well as downtime. We will continue to research and improve the quality of cutting tools and wear parts to ensure you, our customer is getting the most competitive products the market can provide.