Bluebird stump grinder

Bluebird stump grinder

Bluebird stump grinder

What is a stump grinding:

Stump grinder is a type of power tool that cuts tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc. It chips away wood with speed and precision. It comes in various sizes from that of lawn mower type to as large as a truck. The important part of the machine is the high-speed disk which has sharp teeth that grind the stump, roots etc. into chips. The cutter teeth are made of high strength carbide material. The cutter wheel cuts laterally through the stump and it can be raised and lowered by means of hydraulic cylinders. They are mainly powered by an engine whose size may differ from application to application.

About Bluebird stump grinder:

Bluebird is one of the prominent companies which specialize in medium size stump grinders, lawn mowers and turf care equipment’s. They are pioneers in the industry for over 50 years in various equipment’s such as seeders, hower movers, chippers, bed edger’s etc. The company started in 1961 and has sold tough, rugged and reliable equipment’s to its customers. They have a strong research and development team and has world class grinding teeth designs which give them an edge over their competitors. Their passion for quality and commitment to customer satisfaction has earned huge reputation for the company.

Advantages of Bluebird stump grinder:

Its stump grinders feature an innovative cutting system that are more efficient and provide precise cutting results every time. They are lightweight in design and have best in class handling and maneuverability. The Bluebird stump grinder teeth design is unique and cuts away stumps in record time and has a long-lasting life. Their cutting teeth are versatile and work perfectly in various soil conditions. The company’s industry leading three edge design helps in tripling the use of the tooth. Even stumps of around 12 inches below the ground can be cut easily with Bluebird stump grinder teeth.

Bluebird stump grinder parts include a powerful engine which delivers the much-needed torque. It has an advanced cyclone air filter and does not let dust particles enter the engine. The filter is also long lasting and costs less to replace. It has a special automatic centrifugal clutch that adds to the comfort of the operation. This lightweight design is well-balanced and offers high productivity and commercial power. Bluebird stump grinder’s clear line of sight and sleek design makes it easy to maneuver through tight areas, cutting corners and narrow gates etc. the company offers good warranty for its parts.

Bluebird stump grinders are ideal for maintaining lawns and increase the productivity of the gardener. It helps to keep the lawn beautiful and attractive and makes the painstaking stump grinding process a simple and enjoyable experience. It is a must have power tool equipment in every gardener’s garage.

Stump grinder teeth manufactured by Jinyufeng Machinery

At JYF Machinery, we are reputable aftermarket manufacturers of wear parts fitting stump grinder. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality and reliable wear parts fitting their machines. We produce a vast range of tools including pocket, teeth, holder and many others.

We use the latest manufacturing technologies, including hot forging, cold forging, CNC machining center, hard alloy brazing and hard alloy particle surfacing to ensure top quality tools. Contact us today for all your stump grinder wear parts. With us, quality at an affordable cost is a guarantee. If you need customized wear parts, we can help.