Description of stump grinder and stump grinder teeth

Description of stump grinder and stump grinder teeth


Stump grinder is a machine that is used to remove the tree stumps after cutting. It cutting part is metallic and it is mainly powered by electricity. This kind of machine makes a man’s work more easier since it uses electricity. The only effort needed is that of controlling the machine and to ensure that is is properly used and maintained.

The teeth of a stump grinder varies in terms of sizes, some are smaller while others are as larger depending on the task that it’s designed for. The teeth is installed into a grinder machine that helps it to perform the task effectively. Its cutting teeth is made of steel with very sharp tips that appear like bolts. That’s the place where the cutting teeth are installed. It appear simple but works very efficient. The entire grinder teeth is in the form of a wheel and works by rotating to perform the grinding task.
The wheel of the grinder machine is controlled by the hydraulic cylinders that are installed into the host machine which intern is controlled by human operators.

A stump grinder teeth is used to remove the tree stumps and roots through grinding process. This process involve grinding the stump surface and removal of the dust particles. Since the stump removal tasks may appears to be a heavy task, the teeth are of different shapes and are installed into varieties of host machines. For example the stump grinder teeth used to remove tree stumps that have wider diameters are installed into tractors/lorries to enhance efficiency while those of smaller diameters are installed in small machines.

Safety measures and general care of stump grinder machine

For any machine that is controlled by power or electricity needs to be handled with a lot of care. Ensure that protective gears like helmets and chin guards are on while operating the machine. In addition put on sawdust prof aprons. Ensure that all the body parts are fixed properly before putting the stump grinder into use. The forged steel grinder teeth needs to be sharpened frequently to enhance its functionality. The worn out parts should be frequently replaced to avoid breakdown when the machine is being used. By following the safety measures, accident cases that may be experienced while using the machine are greatly reduced.

A stump grinder teeth is most important part in the machine hence needs to be manufactured using durable materials such as steel. Its installation should also be done by qualified or trained personnel.

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