How to Maintain a Forestry Mulcher Head Attachment

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How to Maintain a Forestry Mulcher Head Attachment

How to Maintain a Forestry Mulcher Head Attachment

If there is a forestry mulcher’s component that undergoes harsh operations, then it is the mulching head attachment. From the abrasive works, hot weather to debris, these parts are exposed to all manner of abuses. That’s why they need a regular maintenance to enhance their performance. Whether you are working with the best brands such as PTO mulchers, Seppi mulchers, Fecon mulcher or ECO mulcher, regular mulching head maintenance is critical for them to operate at peak/optimal performance. Here are some of the universal maintenance tips applied to most any mulching head.

Keep It Clean

This is a rule of thumb. If you want to keep your mulcher head attachment in good shape and for longer; then, you need it cleaned of the debris. The unit should be checked before and after use, as well as during the operation. Some of things like sticking branches and debris during operation are likely to waste precious horsepower thus lowering the efficiency and the performance of the unit. Therefore, ensure that the head attachment is always clean even before, during and after operation.

Tooth Care

Teeth are the most important part of any forestry mulcher since it determines both the efficiency and performance of the machine. It’s the part that does all the cutting work and that’s why you need to keep in good shape. If the mulcher teeth are blunt or broken, then your machine will be operating at a lower efficiency and this will definitely affect its overall lifespan. Carbide or carbide-tipped teeth are the most recommended due to the hardness and do not require sharpening. Always replace damaged or worn out tooth immediately.

Generous Greasing

Lubricating or greasing is a key element in the maintenance of any machine. With the rotating parts of the head attachment such as the rotor, Failure to greasing results in wear and tear due to friction. Make sure that you have greased the bearing after 8 hours of work especially if the machine is working continuously. Apart from the rotor, the belt tensioners should also be lubricated and any other movable parts.

Proper Operation

How the forestry mulcher is used is also another factor to consider as far as maintenance is concerned. You may be following the right service routine but mess up badly in the field. Always make sure that correct operation procedures are followed to reduces the risk of maintenance. A good example is avoiding working in fields littered with debris such as, bottles, huge rocks, wire, and metal objects etc.

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