What to look for Bandit Chipper Blades?

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What to look for Bandit Chipper Blades?

What to look for Bandit Chipper Blades?

When it comes to wood and waste processing equipment, very few can deliver close to what Bandit beasts can do. These are high-quality machines that have withstood the test of time. Over the years, Bandit has been churning out a variety of improved wood chippers. Quality is one thing that stands out in these beasts. But if you are planning to buy a bandit beast, it is imperative to give close attention to the quality of blades. It is essential especially if you are shopping for a used or refurbished wood chipper. So what should you look for in bandit chipper blades? We here are the main reasons:

The Type of material

The material type should be the first thing to look out for in a wood chipper. You will find numerous types of materials for chipping blades making. But the choice dependent on the work you are planning to do. What if you buy beast grinder only to realize it can’t deliver on the job? To avoid such inconveniences, confirm the material used in making the blade. In addition, check whether the blades can deliver on the intended task. Although there a vast range of materials used, Tungsten carbide teeth are the most recommended. They are tough, sharp and maximum wear life.

Size of the Blades

The size of the bandit chipper knife is a factor that will affect your overall productivity. When it comes to determining the size, the essential aspect you should look out for is the thickness. If you are going to chip tree limbs or any other heavy loads, then you need to have strong bandit chipper blades. It is a crucial factor especially while buying used or refurbished equipment. Some unscrupulous dealers fit the equipment with weaker blades just to make a kill. So ask for the blades specifications to ensure that you are getting the right thing.


If you are buying a second-hand or refurbished beast grinder, then you should consider matters age seriously. One thing that you need to realize is that bandit tools just others deteriorate with time. For instance, the machine could have the best quality teeth but old. That means you’ll be replacing the blades soon after buying. So, go for blades that are relatively new to ensure that you have gotten value for the money. However, bland new chipping knives are highly recommended.