Steps To Sharpen Mulcher Teeth


Steps To Sharpen Mulcher Teeth

Steps To Sharpen Mulcher Teeth

For your forestry mulcher to operate at peak performance, the condition of the teeth must be checked. Mulcher teeth are exposed to very harsh conditions, and the only way to keep them in good shape is by having them sharpened. You may have the best mulching equipment such as Seppi mulcher, PTO mulcher or Quadco Machine but with blunt teeth, it will be difficult for it to work efficiently. But sharpening Mulcher teeth is not as tough as many would tend to think. Here are 5 teeth sharpening steps applied to all brands.

Step 1: Remove Spark Plug

This is more of a safety measure. You should protect yourself from mysterious accidents by first removing the spark plug from the machine.  This is to ensure that the mulcher does not accidentally start while you are fixing the teeth.

Step 2: Remove teeth From Mulcher Head

You cannot sharpen the teeth while still attached to the head. You must remove them for the sharpening to be done correctly. Each tooth is attached to the blasé of the header by the use of very small sets of screw. You need a screwdriver to loosen them. Remove them from the blade and start the sharpening.

Step 3: Set Up Work Space

A tooth sharpening is best done by the use of a grinder. So a lot of sparks will be produced in in the process. It can dangerous if the workspace contains any flammable liquid or anything that can catch fire. That’s why you need to make sure that workspace is cleaned thoroughly before you start sharpening.

Step 4: Sharpen the Teeth

This step can be a little bit tricky for the beginners. You need to start with the metal wheel and sharpening the tooth shank. How you set the plates on the grinder is also an important factor. The front plates on the grinder should be set at a 120-degree angle and then start with grinding the tooth shank. Continue doing this until you’ve reached the carbide itself. DO NOT let the tooth to get too hot- cool it in some water. Lastly, grind the carbide gradually with the diamond impregnated grinding wheel. Again, cool the tooth using water.

Step 5: Blow Off Dust

Once you are satisfied that the tooth is sharp enough, use compressed air to blow it off. This will remove all of the metal shards and dust collecting on it. Note that metal shards can cause injuries to your hands or if breathed. After the teeth are clean, giving them a light coating of machine oil and that will protect them from rusting.

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