Terex Forestry Mulchers: Why You Need to Have One


Terex Forestry Mulchers: Why You Need to Have One

Terex Forestry Mulchers: Why You Need to Have One

Terex has been developing a range of track skid steer and land clearing equipment mulchers. The company has built an impeccable reputation due to their versatility and quality of their products. Today, Terex has a vast of collection track skids steer that can support mulchers attachments from many other companies. One of the best models that the company has released to the market is the Terex pt 100 forestry mulcher. So what are the exciting features of Terex equipment? Here are some of the factors that make Terex products option to many:


Terex skid steers are beasts when it comes mulching. They are extremely powerful thus they can support high capacity mulcher heads for tough tasks. A good example is the Terex pt 100 forestry mulcher. The machine is powered by the PT100G high flow skid steer model from Terex. With this powerful skid steer, the mulcher can clear a vast range of vegetation with a lot of ease. It is a high flow model, and this can be able to produce sufficient power for demanding conditions. The performance is exceptional and one of the best that you can find from such size skid steer.

Ease of use

Terex brands are designed with end users in mind. One of the best features that attract people to these machines is their ease of use. There is very little that the user will need to learn so as to operate the machines. In fact, if you are looking for a skid steer with incredible ergonometric features, then Terex would be the best choice for you. You will also like the idea of having most of the functions automated or digitized for ease of you. So for the user-friendly features, Terex mulchers would be a perfect choice.


When it comes to compatibility, Terex products then leads the park. For the Terex pt 100 forestry mulcher and other skid steers models, they are compatible with a myriad of mulcher attachment. So whether it is Fecon, Fae, Denis Cimaf or Bradco amongst other brands, then Terex skid steers are your best choice. So, if you have a number mulchers heads from different manufacturers, then Terex skid steers would be an excellent choice of carrier.


Terex does not disappoint when it comes to the quality of their products. Their skid steer and other land clearing equipment’s are made from the highest-grade materials. Some like the Terex forestry mulcher mower have their blades made from tungsten materials. Similar other parts are made from high-quality abrasion resistant steel. These features are meant to provide the company products with an extended lifespan.

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