What to Look for While Buying a Refurbished Bitelli Milling Machine

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What to Look for While Buying a Refurbished Bitelli Milling Machine

Bitelli is one of the brands of milling machines that have built an excellent reputation in the market. For the last few years, the company has tremendously improved on both the technology and innovation. Today, they are some of the companies setting the trend in the market. But Just like any other milling equipment, you need to be very cautious while buying a refurbished Bitelli Milling Machine.

The main problem with refurbished products is the quality assurance, especially if you are buying from a dealer. What if it is a rogue dealer? Well, you can not trust anyone in this industry. So, what should you look for in a refurbished Bitelli Milling Machine?

Actual Age of the refurbished Machine

A refurbished Bitelli Milling Machine will appear as good as a new and thus making it difficult to tell the actual age. Note that age is an essential factor in determining the kind of services that you can expect from the equipment. It is also important to note that you will have not all parts of the machine will be replaced. Some of the remaining old parts could affect the performance of the machine in future. So, there is a risk of buying a very old mulcher is that it may not serve you long enough. Ask for the or original documentation before you can commence with the transaction.

Check Teeth

The quality of the teeth matters a lot. That is one thing that you must very careful about, especially if you are shopping at a dealer. Not every Bitelli Milling Machine for sale will have quality milling teeth. Don’t get surprised if the dealer has put low-quality teeth because that is how they make a profit from unsuspecting buyers. Also, don’t expect them to tell that they have substandard milling teeth on the machine. You will have to find that out yourself.  Therefore, you need to check and confirm the quality of teeth, and if possible, they should have Bitelli milling machine manufacturer teeth or a reputable manufacturer. The used material for the manufacturing of the milling teeth should be tungsten carbide.

Price of the Refurbished Machine

One thing that you need to note about refurbished Bitelli milling machine(click here to know more about it) for sale is that they don’t have a fixed rate. The quoted prices are valuable depending factors such as the age percentage of refurbishment and the brand of machine. Depending on the amount quoted, you can easily tell the kind of machine that you are buying. So if the quoted a price is too good, ask the reason for that quote.

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